My Book Is Out...Now What?
Written by
Wanda Fischer
October 2017
Written by
Wanda Fischer
October 2017

I can hold it in my hand. 

It's like giving birth to an elephant. 

The gestation period is the same. Two years of my life. 

Now what?

My book, Empty Seats, has been published. People are buying it online on my website, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'm scrambling to get reviews. I'm scheduling book signings at book stores. I have an important radio interview coming up. 

I feel as if I'm doing all the right things. But am I?

I retired from my "day" job in 2014 after a nearly 40-year career in public relations/marketing/media relations. I'd never tried writing fiction before this. Somehow, during NaNoWriMo two years ago, this story came to me, so I wrote it. I hired a top-notch editor, without whom this book in my hand would not have ever seen the light of day. 

I wrote--and wrote--and wrote to agents. No luck. I met with several publishers, one of which said they'd work with me but decided at the last minute not to, so I went what I call the "semi-self-publishing" route. I had done so much of the work myself that I reached out to a publisher who would accept what I had done and refine it into a finished product. 

Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe I should have held out and waited for a published to come along. But I'm a grandmother, not a youngster starting out. That doesn't mean I'm not naive, though, when it comes to this business.

I also spent way too much of my own money. My retirement money. Yikes. 

Now I'm working the marketing plan I've devised to get this book in the hands of people who might want to read a story about young men, baseball and life. 

My 69th birthday is in three weeks. I'm hopeful that what little I've learned about publishing so far will help as I plus along with marketing this book. 

Besides, I'm working on a sequel, so I need to learn from the mistakes I made the first time around. 

This old dog is willing to learn new tricks.


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