Don't wait; find your 'worthy' now!
Written by
Rose O'Connor
November 2017
Written by
Rose O'Connor
November 2017

Look at this woman. She glows. Her joy is exponential on her face, so much so that the golden background reflects it! Finding your 'worthy' is something it has taken me a VERY long time to do. And I'd like to encourage others not to take as long as me!

In the midst of a freewriting exercise this morning, I uncovered a much younger version of myself. I was sitting in my 'writing' room, the first of such I ever had. I was 37 years old and had only just begun to actually explore writing as something I could do. I'd enrolled in a creative writing class for adult students and created a writing space for myself. This was in 1994 so all of the wonderful tools we have now via the Internet did not exist. Yes we had Internet (not quite the stone age) but it wasn't used as a tool for helping others to connect and create. There was no She Writes in existence, or at least I didn't know of one.

Flash forward 22 years. It is now June of 2017 and I am 59 years old. I have just self-published my first book! What happened in all those years in between? Well I wrote some and I journaled some and in 2014 I actually started publishing magazine articles, but for many of those years I thought about being a writer,talked about being a writer, listened to others telling me I was a good writer, and I continued to use writing in everything I did, from resumes to emails to grant proposals to college papers.

And so I was a writer who mostly...didn't write. And that's ok! But when I sat this morning and looked at that young woman of 37 who was just starting to believe she could write and it took her over twenty years to unleash the beast, it made me determined to share what I learned from it. When I asked myself, "What was I waiting for all this time?" the answer was that I was waiting for my sense of worthy to show up. 

And even more than that, I was doing what so many others of us do. All of us have some great creative gift inside us that we are here to share with the world, but so many of us push it away. We know it very well deep in the bowels of our being, but we put it aside to do the shoulds of this world instead. We push aside our sacred selves to do everything else but that. And we cover it up by saying we aren't worthy. We aren't good enough or important enough to take that time to uncover our gifts.

The other morning I woke up with a moment in which I saw my worthy. And in that moment I saw what it would look like and feel like to follow my sense of worthy and see where it took me. What was most amazing in that moment was that I could see it all out before me, my worthy and my expression of it, and it was the whole world. Everything was possible there; nothing was out of reach for me. 

What I hope for you who are still reading this is that it might inspire you to get started or to keep going. That even if you don't feel worthy, you DO IT ANYWAY because doing it will help you see just how worthy you are. 

Rose is the author of "Free to Roam: Tails of a Housesitting Adventure Across the Uk" available on Amazon.

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    Fun to find you on She Writes! And I couldn't agree more. Finding your worthiness is so important.