Fill Up Your Creative Tank by Attending a Writers Retreat
Written by
Stephanie Elliot
November 2017
Written by
Stephanie Elliot
November 2017

I had been in a writing slump, a big one. No motivation, no inspiration, no desire to write. I needed to do something to kick-start that creative motor inside that I knew was trying to rev back to life.

So I went to my first writer’s retreat. If you’ve never been on one, and you’re a serious writer (and I know you are, because you’re here!), you really need to consider attending one.

Sixteen fabulously inspired writers joined one another over the weekend to write, talk craft, and motivate. There was a lot of designated writing time set in a woodsy and rustic retreat home, where we didn’t have to worry about taking care of family, feeding children, doing laundry or dishes, or carpooling kids to activities. We were there selfishly for ourselves, to write and to become better at writing. But when I say selfishly, that’s not really true – going on a writer’s retreat, or any retreat for that matter, is a selfless act. You return with your well filled, whether you needed to fill your creative well or your emotional well. A retreat is not only beneficial to your well being, it’s good for the whole family!

If you don’t have a writer’s group, you can easily find a retreat to attend, where you’re bound to make new writer connections. Check in at your local library, ask your indie bookstore, or Google “writer’s retreats.”

Can't sneak away for a whole weekend? Grab a couple of your writing friends and plan a one-day retreat in your own town. You can set up camp in public libraries, bookstores, hotel lobbies, resorts, or even coffee shops. Spend the day writing, talking, and motivating one another. I promise you’ll return home with a full tank, excited to be writing again!

Stephanie Elliot is the author of the young adult novel, Sad Perfect. She is also an editor, blogger, book reviewer, wife, mom, and reformed Diet Coke drinker. To connect with her please visit

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