Why I Write

Why am I drawn to stringing words on a page in the hope that they jump into someone’s mind and heart? Because of the chance that they could actually make it.

Writing is the best job in the world and it never feels like work. It’s like being at a really fun party with great music, colorful food and drinks, and being surrounded by all different types of people, some you love, some you don’t. You observe them, absorb their vibe, and catch snippets of conversations. You guess what’s happened in their life and what they were doing just moments before they arrived. You watch and you learn, and see who they are trying to be. Later you place bets on whom they’ll go home with and whom they wish would ask them.

Whenever I write, I don’t feel like I’m missing out or I should be doing something else. However when I’m not writing, I always feel like I should be. I feel a bit bummed out when I’m not able to get back to my story because of other writing assignments or family obligations. Then I know it’s been too long.

More than 20 years I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter and editor. I enjoy learning about new businesses and industries, naming new products, and helping brand companies, ideas, and people. But crafting stories is what brings me pure joy.

I love dialogue. Putting words in someone’s mouth is amazing and utterly powerful. Creating characters and trying to figure out what would naturally come next and what rings true for them never gets old. I find that they kick my butt and constantly remind me to never take them for granted. Like plants, they need a lot of care and attention or they wilt.

The first draft always feels like a hot, sweat-stinging-your-eyes marathon. I constantly have to remind myself to just keep moving, throw one tired leg in front of the other, and never look back. The no editing rule is the hardest, because I love to play. On most days I find myself run-walking along the course and I try to be ok with that.

When I close my laptop after a long day, I usually remark to myself, “Well, I didn’t know that was going to happen.” I think that’s the strangest part and unless you’re an author, one wouldn’t get it. That’s where the magic lies. Wonderful surprises that flow through your mind and body, and bust out through your fingertips. Some days ideas come so fast, like vomit on the page. Other days it feels like forever just to work up a good burp.

I like the feeling when I can’t get up from my chair/couch/floor because the writing is demanding me to stay longer. The party is far from over and I don’t want to go home yet. Why does writing do that to me? I think it’s called love.

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