How to remain sane after publishing your debut novel
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
November 2017
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
November 2017

 To be honest, I don't know how not to get mad,  what I know, is that  when the first excitement after publishing your debut novel slowly dissapears, the hardest thing is to maintain sanity.  The most interesting part starts the next day. Exactly the next day you're book is out there in the universe you suddenly realize that not much of the outside world gives a damn about it. Sad as it may sound, ironically, in most cases it's true and although your friends, relatives, friends of friends, former colleagues, exces,  neighbours, are buying your precious little novel, or are planning to buy it, as they say, still,  there's a long way for your book to get to the NY Times bestsellers  list, let alone to any imaginable list at all So, your dreams of becoming next J.K. Rowling are postponed to well, distant future, not to say crushed! Plus, in an overwhelming, mind-spining loads of information you're reading as a maniac, little is said that  you have to at least be financial, managerial, enterpreneurial ginius of a woman, who knows how to attact potential readers through goodreads, instagram, facebook, twitter, have 50000 reviews in no time and book sales increasing every hour.  Who's creating those eye-catching, beautiful posts of her idillic life as a writer, that  are instantly shared and retweeted zillions of times crashing down every social media platform on the planet earth. Yes, absolutely no living creature tells you (not even your dog) that apart from being social media guru, you have to be inspired to quickly write  another novel, just on day third, or, okay, the same week your debut one is out. Because, if you're a writer you have to absolutely have several books written. One book? Are you kidding me? That's nothing! No one counts it. No way big publishing deals are coming your way, with that tiny little book you've written there! Excuse me, my book is not tiny at all, it's 552 pages, I bag your pardon! - I want to counter-react, but no one cares. It's exhausting, confusing and not helping building up your confidence as a writer at all, but luckily, humor  is a brilliant thing, the most liberating one  and while you're still struggling with social media, costly giveaways, lack of reviews, and no great sales, you still know, that at least a bunch of people somewhere out there read your book, and maybe, just this second, someone's buying it too and I'm sure it's not your mum, or your best friend who already have your book on three of her bookshelves in every possible format, to say nothing of her Mac, her husband's Mac, her mom's kindle and her own two phones. As cliched  as it may sound good things take time.And friends stacked with your books are one of the best  things that  may happen to you. And even if you've written just one book (well yet,) you're still an author, a writer, a creator, a brilliant mind, you name it! :)

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