Interview with Inspirational Mystery Romance Author Mary Ball

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Small town romance, suspense and mystery, surrounded by His grace. Mary Ball's writing will make you smile, fill your heart with joy and give new meaning to Christmas, love and answered prayers. 


When asked where she got her inspiration for Thanksgiving Secret, this was her answer:

Each year in November, I do a book signing at an annual Christian Church bazaar. Last year, I took my ten-year-old grandson with me to spend the day. On the way home he says, “Nana, I want you to write a book that has Thanksgiving in it so that next year we’ll have one at the craft show.” I just shook my head, smiled and glanced at him in the back seat. The next day he reminded me about the book. So I thought, “why not.” As I’m contemplating ideas, Matthew Blake’s secret started begging to be written. I dedicated this book to Blake, my grandson, for pushing me to do a Thanksgiving novella.  

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