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What to Post on Your Facebook Author Page
Written by
Shelly Lynn Stone
November 2017
Written by
Shelly Lynn Stone
November 2017

I am a writer, aspiring to be published, and have recently created a Facebook Page. I’ve been working on a list of what to post on that page as I try to build it up my brand and get followers. I wanted to share my list of ideas in case any other writers were looking for inspiration.

Would also love to hear your ideas and build this list for all of us.

  • Photos: Pictures of my writing space, how I take notes, things that inspire me, me doing things that I mention in my stories or just in everyday life

  • Background research and writing that didn’t make it into my story or book

  • Reviews, recommendations or give-aways of other books and stories from authors I like or that are similar in topic, style or genre

  • A link to my published stories or where to purchase books

  • A vague story idea that I have, ask if it is interesting or if they’ve ever thought about it

  • How I would re-write a story from TV, a movie or in the news

  • A sentence from a work-in-progress

  • A request for feedback on ideas, titles, or book covers

  • Post a news articles that relates to one of my stories

  • Link to an event I am attending or presenting at, or even with I could attend

  • Reviews I have received

  • A quiz or game for readers

  • A link to a product for readers, i.e. a book light, bookmarks, lap blanket

  • Questions about followers' reading habits

  • A list of author interview questions and answer one of the questions as a post

  • Book Club questions about my work for further discussion

  • Ideas on who I would cast in my story

  • Other writers’ short stories or essays

Also, if anyone is interested in sharing their Page and exchanging likes, let me know.

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  • Andrea Miles

    Good ideas. I don't post a lot, but have posted articles that intrigue me or pictures of bookshelves I come across :) Would love to trade FB page follows:

  • Thank you so much for generously sharing these ideas, Shelley! I am an unpublished author, and I have just recently set up my FB page. This list has already inspired me.

  • Loren Elkin (Mr.)

    good ideas, Shelly. I've got a writing FB blog? going, but I'm uncertain what to put in it except pictures with small stories. I ran off this list and will work some of these into the page.