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The Challenge
Written by
Kristi Rydmark
November 2017
Written by
Kristi Rydmark
November 2017

Writing has always been a passion of mine; a hobby that I have both coveted and pursued. It's also, often, been a secret of mine. Something that I would rather not share with anyone. 

There is something so personal about sharing words you've put to page with another human, like  handing over a priceless, prized possession and praying they don't drop it.

I have tried my hand at blogging in various forms over the years, sometimes anonymously, other times publicly. I've always given up after a short time, either out of fear or lack of motivation. I have a tendency to self-destruct, like a time-bomb waiting to go off. When that invisible timer runs out, I always run out too. Give up. Move on. Pretend it never happened.

The last two years, I've barely written anything. A tribute post here, a fill in piece there, but overall I have avoided words. I have reasons for running out on this hobby of mine, but even with all the reasons I can muster, I've regretted it. 

I regret not writing. I regret not recording memories. I regret not letting emotions spill onto the page.

I can't go back, necessarily, but I don't have to stay stuck. There is a change that needs to happen, a habit that needs to break, and so I want to challenge myself, and you can feel free to join me too. My hope is to kick start a writing habit, so that 2018 might be a better writing year. 

So here it is...

The Challenge: 

For the month of December, I plan to blog every day.

No other conditions, no length or topic or plan.

Just word to page.

Every day in December. 

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