Trapped inbetween
Written by
Liberty J. Freedom
December 2017
Written by
Liberty J. Freedom
December 2017

So, apparently my fanfiction writing caused quite the stirr. Some are adament I no longr write proper fanfiction as such. While others insists that I indeed still do write fanfiction. Imagine that. Ok, so what about Pride and Prejudic and Zombies ? Sincd we all know that particular Austen fandom never had zombies back when Austen first created it.Or not to mention Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters. 

It makes me feel pressured to simply remove all the Sense and Sensibility characters from my first AU story. Just as I feel inclned to do the same with the Pride and Prejudice canons , that would I've been told completely transform my works into original fiction. But I don't want to be forced into doing that , even though a great many people tries to persuade me to take my business elsewhere. And some even openly seem to look down on me, based on the fact that my most recent works are 50% fanficion and 50 % fiction. 

Or to put it bluntly, there never where any actual portrayals of slavery in any of  Austen's fandoms. 

Although it's breifly mentioned in Mansfield Park. And no, if you only use some of the canons names while changing other things such canons are no longer canons not even canons as OOC... Would that be correct or incorrect? 

This becomes especially true if you also conciously change the fandoms setting into another part of the world, along with another timeperiod. Again right or wrong?

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