Life after NaNo
Written by
Isobel cunningham
December 2017
Written by
Isobel cunningham
December 2017

I never thought I'd make it! Discipline and routine are not my strong points. I already had a six thousand word story and on November 3rd. I decided that I could try this exercise. I could do anything just for a month, after all.  

Picture the exhausted writer on November 15 , midnight fast approaching, racing to complete her word quota for the day.  This was not as easy as I had anticipated! Fortunately November was a quiet dreary month and with some loving encouragement I managed to produce sixty three thousand words, well over the goal I had set. I proudly printed out my work, set it in a beautiful three-ring binder and took a couple of days of well earned rest.

Now what?  I am discovering that now, comes the really hard part.  December, month of tantalizing distractions, is a hard time to be doing painstaking review. The Christmas tree, visitors, precious time with my grandkids, all conspire to drag me away from " the book". I discover that writing at break-neck speed produces some head-scratching puzzlers. My heroine, struggling in a rural Spring setting is found munching on an apple picked from the orchard a couple of pages later. Speed kills....logic.

Now my challenge is to flesh out characters, make settings glow with accurate detail, enrich my plot with interesting developments. The big motivator for me now is not the calendar and word counts but the people I have created. Strangely enough I love them. I care about them and I want to make them and their  world as compelling as I can. I come! 


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