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6 Marketing Tips for Your Instagram Page
Written by
Karen Anthony
9 days ago
Written by
Karen Anthony
9 days ago

Instagram has grown to become a social network where businesses reach a huge number of potential clients every day. In fact, research shows that Instagram is used by 48.8% of brands in the US to promote everything from gadgets to clothes and events. It is expected that by the end of 2017, almost 70% of brands will have used Instagram for marketing.

We’ll discuss some simple and effective marketing tips that work for Instagram. We hope this helps your brand to grow its audience and improve conversion rates using the platform.

1. Convert to a business profile

Instagram has developed its own business profile which is quite similar to Facebook’s business page. You can simply convert your personal profile on Instagram into a business profile. When you do this, you get access to analytics which Instagram calls Insights, which can really help you to analyze your engagement levels and impressions, know what’s working and improve your marketing strategy.

2. Cross promote

You can invite your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn audience to follow your Instagram profile. Doing this is easy since there are tools that allow you to share your profile on different platforms. You may even offer your Instagram audience a special discount to entice the rest of the community to join in. Remember that the people who may be active on Facebook may not be the same people on Instagram. That’s why it’s always important to reach out to people on all platforms.

3. Test what works

There’s really no magic post that works for all brands. You always need to test and see what type of marketing is best for your product or service. For instance, discover the type of posts that your audience resonates with the most. Most people don’t like direct marketing. Experiment with fewer posts in a day and see how your Instagram followers respond. Adjust your marketing strategy based on what works.

4. Always interact with your followers

Always take time to foster engagement on your Instagram page. The best form of marketing is not only where you promote your brand and reach out to many people but also build trust and credibility along the way. Focus on posts that are likely to create engagement.

5. Good use of captions

Use captions that help you present the content to a larger audience. For instance, you can tell your Instagram users to tag three of their friends who would love this. It works because people are more likely to follow a page that they have been introduced to by a friend. Captions should always include a call to action so that people know what to do after viewing the post.

6. Repurpose content

Sometimes coming up with new content ideas can be a challenge. Consider looking for content from other Instagram accounts or your own blog and then posting it on your profile. Just ensure that if you get the content from a different, source you give credit by tagging their profile.

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