It's a Dog's Life

Walking through a parking lot I saw two dogs trying really hard to look casual: one in the driver’s seat, the other, a backseat passenger. I imagine their whispered conversation:


Driver: You don’t think she sees us, do you?


Passenger: Nah.


Driver: It’s been a month. How ya doin’ with your New Year resolutions?


Passenger: Not good. You?


Driver: Me either, that’s why I fetched the truck keys.


Passenger: Where we goin’?


Driver: You know those drive-through windows our human gets bags of food from?


Passenger? Yeah.


Driver: I’m sick of The Dog Dood diet we’re on. No one will know. All our human does is pull up to the window, waits a minute, and a bag of food gets handed out.



If you made them, how are you doing with your New Year resolutions?



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