Working Within Your Circle of Influence.
Written by
Skeeter Buck
January 2018
Written by
Skeeter Buck
January 2018

As an independent book publisher who recently lived in Puerto Rico, it has been devastating to me to see how many public and school libraries have been damaged or destroyed by our recent natural disasters.

Hundreds and hundreds of libraries and millions and millions of books in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico were damaged or destroyed.  This devastation goes to the heart of every librarian and every library card holder.  The thought of rebuilding these institutions and replacing their works seems utterly overwhelming to me as it must to the cities and schools in which these libraries lived.

Years ago, I worked in the AIDS Epidemic in San Francisco, CA for an International AIDS Service Organization.  I learned quickly there was no saving the world.  But, I also learned we are most effective by working in our circle of influence and over time that circle expanded when others joined your cause.

While many things have changed in this world over the years, it seems the place where we still all come together is the silent call to action when help is needed after a significant loss.  We are witness to that this week with the recent massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Having had friends and colleague personally affected by each one of these disasters has hit me hard.  So, with my small circle of influence as a book publisher, I am working with the American Library Association and its local chapters to donate copies of my children’s picture book – The Toothless Fairy – to any public or school library that has been affected by the disasters.

I'm inviting other authors, publishers and publishing organizations to do the same.

I learned long ago that when it hurts you give, and you give until it hurts." 

To learn more about this donating effort, please visit



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