the Warrior and the Human
Written by
Karen Draper
February 2018
Written by
Karen Draper
February 2018

We stand. Side by side. Sometimes I follow. Other times I lead.

This sounds a bit cliche. Rehearsed. I tried to think of other fresh ways to say it, but this encapsulates my truest ideals as to where I am now how I arrived here in this place of knowing and comfort. Writing has always been an almost full circle moment. I say almost because I know this circle of humanness and vulnerability. Of guileless courage. Of rawness and openness that's ever evolving within me, both as a human and as a writer (warrior), is never ending.

As I sit down to write, there exists a juxtaposition of the very human woman who hopes her writing resonates with others, who worries it's not enough; and the warrior writing soul who writes because she can't stop. Her words, bold. Unfiltered of reason or fear. This marriage is full of compromise and awe for the respective roles they play; knowing one cannot exist without the other.

The warrior and the human. The louder than life voice and the gentle whisper in my heart. Somedays we need to scream. Others to speak softly. But most often, we need a peaceful coexistence so as not to stir a kindred spirit.

I remember how sharing my first writing with someone felt as if I was walking around with my clothes on inside out. I didn't know if I was ready for everyone to see all my seams and loose stitches, my size and care instructions. It felt surprisingly uncomfortable - far too revealing and awkward. Almost unnecessary in its details.

What first took my (human) breath away has become my purest form of (warrior) oxygen.

Writing: the involuntary spilling of my heart and soul onto paper. 

The warrior and the human. One has broad strokes written with a steady hand the human won't always attempt. The other's hand is shaky, written with a depth of emotion the warrior can't afford. Still. They walk hand in hand. One walking closely behind the other as if to receive strength or vulnerability through osmosis.

The joyful and painful moments in my life - conjoined with all the dashes in between, have led me to this curious place of openness. To a reverence for the process of writing. An altered recognition of the pathways that have brought me to this juncture in my circle of life.

And so the human - in all its transparencies of skin and paper, and the warrior - in all its opaqueness of might and daring. Continue on. 

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