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  • Four Landing Page Tips that Make Visitors Feel Appreciated
Four Landing Page Tips that Make Visitors Feel Appreciated
Written by
Lauren Stage
February 2018
Written by
Lauren Stage
February 2018

Let’s take a look at some of the top five essential things a successful landing page should not miss. Before we do that however, I would like us to know what a landing page is.

What Is a Landing Page?

This is a page in your website (ecommerce website or online business website) that is designed to make the very first contact with your prospects. It is the very first page they are directed to “land” on when they visit your website. Most landing pages are designed to capture the personal details of a website visitor. They are also set up to convert visitors into buyers.

The Best Landing Page Visitor Tips

There are so many things the most Successful Landing Pages should have; if we started to mention them here now, we may not exhaust all of them. However, there are some that are more critical for every landing page. They will make your customer feel important and exceedingly appreciated. They include the following.

Personalized Approach

Your website receives very many different visitors every day. However, you cannot design a specific landing page for every consumer. Because of this, it is often advisable to personalize your design. This will bring out high inclusivity and eventually help you to connect with every website visitor. Using phrases such as – this page is just for you, join our family today, we are you, etc. is a great way to do it.

Use of Guiding Cues

Guiding cues will show customers that you really appreciate that they are around and that you intend to help them find what they are looking for. Guiding/ directional cues often point web visitors to the right direction. They also create a smooth flow on the most successful landing pages that eventually end up in high rate conversions. A good example of a step by step conversion includes the following.

Buy Online > Make an Order by Phone/ Buy Online > Make Payment Here

Go One Specific Way

Landing pages that push users to get more than just one thing at the expense of trying to hit two birds with one stone seldom make a great impact. They “help” their visitor to lose focus and eventually bounce. Holding your visitor through a single well-tailored message allows them to feel loved and appreciated. They will get you with an absolute clarity and eventually choose to stay with you.

Fulfilling Expectations

If you were to create a meta-data that offers 10% discount on your products – chances are that such an offer will lead quite a number to your website. What happens when they reach and find out it was a hoax? Always try and make the expectations you give your users into a reality. They will understand that you take them seriously and that you can be trusted. This is vital in conversions.

So what are you waiting for? We have seen the four main tricks every business owner can use to get the most successful landing pages. Use them to make the first impact with your landing pages.

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