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How to Create a Facebook Author Page
Written by
She Writes
February 2018
Written by
She Writes
February 2018

Authors are constantly told that they “need to be on social media,” but getting started can be a scary dive into unknown territory. One of the most useful platforms for today’s author is Facebook. With over 2 billion users, any writer can find readers with some training and time.

But in order to use the platform to its fullest potential, you’ll need to start up an author Facebook page. And we’re going to show you how.

What’s the difference between a Facebook profile and a page?

A Facebook profile is the personal account users set up to engage with friends and family. Oftentimes, authors make the mistake of using a profile to promote their books, only to find later that the functionality is extremely limited.

A Facebook page is a business account that not only allows authors to present a professional front for their brand, but also serves many other purposes. From a Facebook page authors can use the incredibly effective ads platform, attract readers and allow users to “Like” and follow them without having to add friends.

Why set up a Facebook page?

Even if you’re an author who only intends to use social media lightly, a Facebook page is a great addition to any author platform. Publishers, agents, readers, event coordinators and more will often research an author through Facebook. It’s not only a great place for you to connect with readers, it’s an excellent way for anyone interested to learn more about you.

In addition to be the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook offers a ton of useful tools for authors:

  • Facebook ads – Facebook advertising offers the simplest and smoothest platform for authors to use paid ads to reach readers, find friends and sell books.
  • Facebook LIVE – This video-based feature gives authors an easy way to create memorable, eye-catching videos.
  • Most Versatile Newsfeed – Twitter limits characters. Instagram limits links. Pinterest requires very specific content. YouTube is video-only. Facebook is the only place where every kind of content can be shared and do well. Whether you’re sharing a blog post, a picture, a book trailer or a review, Facebook is a great home for all your news.

Setting Up a Facebook Author Page

Below is a quick video to get you started. If you haven’t set up your Facebook author page there’s no better time than today to begin!

For more tips on how to use social media effectively as an author, check out Social Media Bootcamp. This three-webinar series will show you all the ways you can grow your platform whether you are a debut author building from the ground up or an established veteran looking to expand.

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  • Lisa Thomson

    Nice tutorial. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you know what the Community button is all about on the sidebar? I haven't used it, not sure what it's for exactly. Thanks.

  • Thank you SHE WRITES! I have had a Facebook page for years but never knew how to set up an Author Facebook page for my 27 novels and 12 short stories (I've been an author for over 46 old dog who at times has problems learning new tricks). But because of your post and the video, which I watched and followed closely, I now have a real official Author Facebook page! So thank you! Author Kathryn Meyer Griffith