. a poetry circle.
  1. a beginning

  2. part 1

    the words hit our hearts, and sink in to stay, to pledge another stage set, small life…….

    part 2

    the ending of a tortured love affair
    would have been easier


    i will rather have cold…

    part 3

    what was there before the nettles? stung, the memory creases with the look of bones. left in air. who was here to write the words on stone, the plaque.

    part 4

    passed over by accident, the thing ocured naturally, without clerics. without beatitude. given by friendship, yet piety slowly eroded. they come now with learning, holding large words, a different language. the charm now gone,…

    part 5


  3. Epilogue:

    a ragged poem because it’s not focused. the concept is lost in the wrapping.

    liking rags
    i move on
    with differing

    the trial by glass



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