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A Portrait of a Reader

We write the stories that we want to be told, heard, read, discussed. We’re seeking to establish a bond, an unseen, yet strong link with our readers, but do we really know who they are?  How do they look, what their lives consist of, will they relate to the stories we tell and the characters we’ve created?

Who are they, those invisible readers? That beautiful woman, hurrying to somewhere, you’ve met in the street the other day, could she be interested in reading your book? Would she like your story?

I frequently catch myself thinking if a random woman say my age, or younger be interested in hearing about Tasha’s or Liz’s story and the many adventures they find themselves into? Or would those women, young and old put my book aside and find it difficult to continue reading it?

Whenever I think of a single woman that might potentially read my book, just as with characters I wrote, I start to visualize  what   their habits, hobbies, fears, dreams are and even which perfumes and fragrances they might love. Those imaginary and real women are your audience, to whom you try to reach out, whom you want to hook and grab and who you envision curled up in bed, or seated in an armchair with the novel you’ve written. Maybe they just came from their work and need something light to read, to forget about their everyday problems, and follow your protagonists  journey. Maybe they feel lonely, or exausted from their everyday struggles and your book is for them. Or maybe, they just came from a morning jogg and they need to relax, still in their yoga pants and jackets on, and they have your book on a coffee table? Who are the readers that you want your book to get to?

Maybe as one of the main protagonists in Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock, Liz Foster says, “Those who live just as we do, near and around us, those who fall in love and marry, or stay single, those who have kids and who work, those who love their solitude or who love spending their time with family and friends. Those whose hobbies vary  from reading books to watching TV shows on a Sunday night, those who love dancing, and singing, love to travel, those who love to analyze and think, and have a fantastic sense of humor. Those who desperately try to stay fit while swimming, jogging or practicing yoga.  Those who do worry, and cry, those who sometimes feel frustrated and nevertheless, deep down these women have adventurous spitrits… Maybe that’s the portrait of your reader, your audience?"

Not long ago I found a Pinterest quote, saying “Someone out there is waiting for your book.” And maybe that someone is just sitting next to you in a café sipping her late coffee? Or a glass of  martini while out with her friends on a Friday Evening?  

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