Those Who Swallowed God by Dayron Maxwell

Those Who Swallowed God (The Adventures of Narvix) by Dayron Maxwell


Life is hard when you got red skin, scimitar shaped horns, and twitter labels you as a Section 8 archangel. Life is even harder when your psychotherapist dismisses the choir of angels fluttering outside your gate as a form of psychotic depression.

When divine judgement wears a tailor suit and leads an army of winged humans, Narvix's mundane life of retro PC gaming and afternoon snoozes during fourth period calculus, erupts into a roller coaster of dodging lightning bolts, facing a flaming woman, and preventing genocide from reaching his street address.


Narvix, has to come to terms with his true identity as a superhuman alien. He has red skin, and unusual shaped horns. His therapist thinks he is crazy. He is labeled as a, mentally unfit for service, archangel. But, his personal mission is to save his friends from human genocide.

Narvix’s uneventful life suddenly explodes into a crazy mind blowing ordeal of darting lightning bolts, coming head on with a flaming woman, dealing with winged humans and preventing human genocide from attacking his neighborhood.

Those Who Swallowed God by Dayron Maxwell is a captivating, lighthearted, yet intense fantasy read. It is compelling and intelligent. It is creative and beautifully written, with words that flow off the page. The dialog is very clever, meaningful and intriguing. I loved how every word was divinely arranged to portray a fictional tale with magnificent narrative, twists and turns.  It is a very intense book, with a lot going on. I couldn’t put it down and read it through quickly. There are many spins to the storyline that kept me intrigued and turning the pages quickly.

Narvix is an unusual, creative character. He is funny, well developed and multifaceted. All the characters are well fleshed out and have very strong places in the story. This is one of those books that once you start it, you put everything aside to keep reading it, in order to find out what will happen next. It’s that good.

Those Who Swallowed God by Dayron Maxwell has all the components of a great coming of age fantasy read. But with a little extra added humor. Which I especially loved. It is unique in every way. The descriptions are written with extra flair. Everything from the settings, to the characters, are described in a vivid visual way tantalizing the imaginary senses. There is also quite a bit of emotion written into the storyline which keeps readers feeling various reactions of passion and sentiment. It kept me engaged as I felt a strong connection to the various unusual characters.

Narvix is an exceptional tough guy protagonist. He is great. I loved Those Who Swallowed God and highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers and to those who want to read an extraordinarily good read.

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