7 Things Screenwriters Need To Know About Filmmaking

Writing a script just for the purpose of doing so is not the greatest strategy if you want to earn money with your writing. In order to sell your script to some studio or director, you need to cooperate with a screenplay agent. The latter are experts who negotiate deals between screenwriters and the rest of the world that buys screenplays. This leads to the important fact: it’s not enough to write a great script, you need to make it interesting to the screenwriters. This article is about making your script the best of all for the experts who will push it further in the filmmaking industry. Find below seven things that will make your script attractive to the screenwriters


1. The project fits into a single genre

Even though most films have several genres assigned to them by critics, they still fit one particular genre. So your goal is to write a script that will fit one specific genre.


Why is it important?

All screenplay agents are cooperating with executives and producers who keep up with and work within a specific genre. These genres provide sponsors and fame to these projects. As a result, screenplay agents would consider your script only if it fits the genre required by the client. For example, Gary Collins from Red Rock Entertainment (a film investment company) says that they don’t look for a blend of different genres because it’s easier to invest and then sell a single-genre film.


2. At least one terrific role for a film star

Your screenplay doesn’t have to be a masterpiece in its all categories, it doesn’t have to be a high-concept star vehicle. However, one great role for a big film star is your ticket to the club of professional screenwriters. Once you can prove to the world that you can and do write great scripts with great roles for great actors, you can reach the Olympus for screenwriters.


Note: your goal is to have only one great role and no more. Otherwise, you risk letting your perspective actors think that the second great character will be better and can overshadow the leading one. As a result, some film actors may be threatened and so reject the offer of such a film.


3. Super short pitch

There is a difference between a “super, short pitch” and a “super short pitch”. The screenplay agents have their own point of view, and your “super short pitch” should match the definition you get from them.

The pitch should be no longer than three sentences that encompass the main idea of the film clearly and concisely. As a rule, this is that selling logline that will help it communicate the main idea.


4. Polished script

Screenplay agents will not help you polish your script to sell it from the humanitarian desire to help a poor screenwriter. No, they exist to close the deals. This means that they are not interested in scripts that require finalisation or any improvements. When you go for a meeting with a screenplay agent, your script must be perfect!


5. No need to read the script

Even though the title of this point sounds controversial, the best scripts in the world don’t require any reading. Good screenplay agents can evaluate the quality of the whole script by only listening to the short pitch. If the pitch is not enough, they will ask for the coverage; but these are two elements that in most cases will change the destiny of the whole script.


6. A project doesn’t require budget

Of course, every film in the industry needs some budget. However, experts from Red Rock Entertainment say: The lower the budget is and the better the script is, the more probability there is that the investment company will be interested in the project. Keep in mind that there are very few buyers that will be able to sponsor a huge project. The more modest your script seems, the greater chances to sell it you have.


7. Sales potential

Sales potential means that there should be prospective for additional sales embedded in your screenplay. The greatest time to make additional sales is right after the primary one. Right after the first successful sale you are most likely to sell the second script for even more money (of course, this strategy works only if you have two scripts of the same genre). The more scripts in the same genre you have, the greater are your chances to earn money with your work.


And the final tip about selling your script. When choosing which particular script to show to the screenplay agent, you need to take into account personality of the screenplay agent. You might have the best horror film script in the world, but it will be useless if the agent hates horrors. Always think of what the agent will love rather than what you like.

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