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Writers Remember Anita Shreve
Written by
She Writes
April 2018
Written by
She Writes
April 2018

The writing world lost a phenomenol author and friend this week and writers took to Twitter to rejoice and mourn Anita Shreve, author of The Pilot's Wife, The Weight of Water and other unforgettable bestsellers. As a tribute to this legend, She Writes wanted to celebrate her legacy by sharing her lessons as told by her peers.

Be Genorous to Your Fellow Writers

As #1 New York Times bestseller Sue Monk Kidd pointed out, Anita never failed to support her fellow authors. The publishing space is different in that it isn’t (or at least doesn’t have to be) a competitive arena. Genorous support of your fellow writers will propel everyone forward.

You and Your Stories Are Your Legacy

With great work and literary fame comes a position in the spotlight. Be a kind person worthy of admiration whether you’re a debut or a bestseller. How you treat people matters no matter how much success you acquire.

Let Your Readers Become Absorbed

Do not fear overexposure. Anita’s raw and utterly human stories drew in readers from every corner of the world. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling an emotional deep story.

To Write is To Supply Joy

There is no shortage of readers who adorded Anita. When writing feels like a chore or you wonder if your work is important or elevated enough to be taken “seriously,” remember that your reader is there for joy. And if that’s what they walk away with, you’ve succeeded a great deal.

Know Your Core

As a storyteller, understanding your purpose and your center will help guide you through the most diffiuclt writing days. Anita had a core that was lovingly quoted here by a fellow author.  

Just Dance

Whether it’s life or your writing career, tackle it with courage and delight as Anita did.

Forget the Fame

Whether you already have it or are aiming to get it, the best of them pretend like fame isn’t there at all. If you have only one fan or thousands, being humble will always pay back in spades.

Even the Experts are Amateurs

You would think an author as renowned as Anita Shreve would have had all the confidence in the world when starting her next manuscript, but fear is just a part of the business. Embrace it and write anyways.

We are fortunate as writers and lovers of the written word that when we lose someone we truly adore, we get to keep a piece of them with us forever on the page. R.I.P. Anita Shreve.

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  • Lisa Thomson

    I really enjoyed her books and this is a lovely piece honoring her memory. My favorite was The Pilot's Wife.