Content Posts That Work On Social Media
Written by
Marsha Dev
April 2018
Written by
Marsha Dev
April 2018

Variety is the essence of life…. Same goes for social media as well. You have to put in great efforts and time to present an ever active facet of your company’s social media profile. That means you have to post effective content regularly and lots of them.

Social media is instrumental in entertaining and educating the prospects. There are different types of social media content, and various ways to promote your company and brand. Here we have some inspiring ideas that will give you more scope to explore the power of social media.

Interactive Posts

As you would be knowing, social media works in two ways – one, we can communicate with our followers and second, they can instantaneously reply back to us. There are multiple options to interact with our followers. And in doing so, interestingly, we have the advantage to get an insight that will enable us to understand and develop better content next time.   


If you have to convey a complicated idea through an easy method, then ‘infographic’ is the right solution. It is so easy to understand and also very attractive. These days, we come across various social media content formats, generally a striking illustration or a photo that have now got the twist of motion concept. A video infographics is more catchy and influential than the normal format.

Blog Content

It is still not clear whether blogs can be considered as a part of social media. However, it is advisable to extend your blog post writing to respective social networking mediums. Sharing one’s blog posts will not only boost brand visibility but also bring more engagement to that specific blog as well.  It is also a good idea to share old posts, rather than depending on fresh posts every day. Thus, one can retain the popularity and generate good response through the existing posts.

Visually Engaging Post

One of the most trending formats online, an effective visually engaging content provides more than the eye meets. It not only enhances engagement but also boosts one’s brand image and gives more visibility to their blog posts. Basically there are three types of visual content that will help to create more engagement on posts: EBooks and Guides, Testimony or Case Study and Behind-The-Scene content.

EBooks and Guides

Content of such types doesn’t involve much effort and are usually beneficial in generating leads. They are also essential to reflect an organisation’s expertise in a particular field. 

Testimony or Case Study

These convey success stories, through customers’ perspective. Customers share their positive reviews about their favourite company(s) through testimonials. In fact, people post testimonial videos these days, which are found to be more effective in presenting stories from happy customers.  However, according to few experts offering social media content creation services, these methods will be successful only if you have robust foundation and established good rapport with your clients.

Behind-The-Scene Content

It is very interesting as well as informative approach to show your valued customers the story behind your product and company. With the help of photos and videos you can thus, make an engaging content for your social media as well as develop a personal bonding between you and your customers.

Curated Posts

In order to establish oneself on social media, it is very important to build strong content and post them regularly on consistent basis. It is a relief that one do not have to depend solely on social media content writer, or tax him by forcing to blend out fresh content daily. Instead, one can search relevant content, including news articles or blogs, and share them. This can help in engaging followers to post their opinions in comments’ section. 


These are simple, short and quite successful! Mainly because, they stick to their ‘short and sweet’ format since they have limited space. But it is very effective in putting across message. Tips can be easily blended within an image or incorporated in snippets gathered from wide resources like blog articles, EBooks or any other lengthy text.


These are also way functional, just like the tips.  They are easy to share and inserted in an image to make a striking impression. It is a standard method to use popular quotes by iconic personalities. But one can also put a company’s ideology or even share about industry’s beliefs.

Manual Videos

These are instructional videos which efficiently guide viewers with step-by-step process about some activity. These are actually more useful to understand a specific procedure, than depending on reading material.


It is great way to announce the world that you are going to host something big in near future! Be it a seminar or trade exhibition; share them all on social media. Posting event photos are catchy and drive up engagement.

Seasonal Greetings

There are several reasons to celebrate and variety of fresh occasions created over to mark a special day. For instance, there is the regular Rose Day, Mother’s Day and even as weird as National Popcorn Day!! Thus, there is huge scope to come up with interesting social media interaction ideas to post attractive fun content to suit the occasion and in sync with your company and brand.  


Announcements made in regard to company and products are feasible on social media. But seldom one should make use of such kind of content, as it will give out wrong impression and give a feel of promoting oneself too much. It is however good to share about new product launch or news about winning company award or something like that.


In order to boost up brand image and sales, generally product’s samples are given away freely. Same way, even in social media there are freebies provided for better engagement. Although it may take a long time, it is worth the effort, such that you can increase your followers and viewers base as well as develop loyalty with your customers.

Concluding Note

A post becomes active only when it is interesting and something sensible. People won’t simply like or comment on a post just because you are posting it. The content should have some weight in order to drive engagement and look attractive for the followers to interact with you.

Understand what sells your brand and make customers stick to your company. By doing this, it will help you to get a clear idea to develop a content tactic. Your sole aim should be to make your content relevant, useful and engaging – that will lead you to the road of success in social media. These days, there are wide services offered for social media management and content creation from experts. They will thoroughly guide you in building positive and steady engagement.

Alternatively, check out our blog on how to write effective social media post; it will give you better assistance.

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