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This blog was featured on 04/05/2018
Get to Know Abigail Thomas Before Her SWU Class
Written by
She Writes
April 2018
Written by
She Writes
April 2018

Abigail Thomas is the author of six books, three works of fiction, Getting Over Tom, An Actual Life, and Herb’s Pajamas, and three memoirs. Her memoir, A Three Dog Life, was named one of the best books of 2006 by the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post and won the 2006 Books for a Better Life Inspirational Memoir Award. 

Abigail will be hosting the third class in She Writes University 2018. Her lesson, There’s More (and Less) to Memoir Than What You Remember, is one every writer can benefit from. Get to know her better before you attend!

SW: Briefly set the scene for your writing habits: Where do you write? How do you write? What's your routine?

AT: I write wherever I happen to be, and I always have a pen and notebook with me. I wake up very early (five am) when the dogs get up. I let them out, make my coffee and write. Often I get nowhere, but sometimes I get somewhere I couldn’t have gotten to without writing all the stuff that doesn’t work first. 

SW: What is the first thing you can remember writing?

AT: The first thing I remember writing was an assignment in the fourth grade, it was called “I am a loaf of bread,” and it was the story of the wheat planted, growing, harvested, turned into flour, made into bread. The last bit was about being eaten which I think I described as tickling.

SW: Describe a moment when your own writing scared you or surprised you.

AT: I was surprised to find that writing about something that made me ashamed was a great relief.

SW: At what point did you begin to truly feel like a “writer”?

AT: I began to feel like a writer after I had published two books. It took a while.

SW: What’s one of the lessons in your She Writes University class that you really wish YOU had learned earlier in your writing career?

AT: I really do think I wasn’t ready to write until I started, when I was forty-eight. It is helpful for people to know that most writers start off writing badly, and get better. I was afraid to start. Who did I think I was? But honestly I wasn’t ready to try until I was forty-eight and that’s okay with me. 

SW: Why do you feel it’s important to offer a writing class to other women writers through She Writes University?

It is VERY important for women to write their stories. SheWrites has a very wide reach, and I’m excited to take part in this program.

Don't forget to sign up for Abigail Thomas' class! You can attend live or watch the recording when you purchase There’s More (and Less) to Memoir Than What You Remember.

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