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Do You Share Your WIPs?
Written by
Lisa Thomson
April 2018
Written by
Lisa Thomson
April 2018

Recently on my blog, I shared my works in progress (WIPs) with my readers. I admit, I felt vulnerable doing this. I questioned whether this was prudent (a word my brother likes to use). Sometimes our WIPs do not come to fruition and therefore sharing them in the rough stages can be a bit like tooting a horn and then falling down.

On the other hand, sharing our writing projects in progress can also spur us on. In my post I shared the title, tag line, blurb and a draft cover image. This in itself forced me to take a thoughtful look at what I'm working on and how it sounded to my readers. The exercise forced me to re-word and try my best to write a catchy blurb, for example. Writing a catchy blurb is harder than it looks, right? I find myself bumbling on words until I get it just so. Even then, it will likely change when and if it comes time to publish.

As well, in writing that blog post, I shared some insider notes on what it's like being an Indie author. I realized how much I have had to do to promote my first published book and the reality of distribution woes. In fact, as an Indie author even though you may hire an editor and book formater, you are the last pair of eyes on your work. Never mind cover images which seem a daunting task to find the right one. Design it yourself or hire a cover artist? Ka-Ching! Do you hear what I hear? Risining costs of creating a single book?

But I've gone slightly off topic here.

The real question is, how comfortable are you sharing your works in progress, as a writer? Although I felt vulnerable hitting publish, in the end, it was a great experience to get some reader feedback. No one is going to judge you harshly at this stage, and if it does anything, sharing your work and ideas fires you up to continue on your path as an author. It also forces you to look at your work as a third party and narrow down your focus. Providing a book blurb of your novel will do just that. 

Ultimately, I recommend sharing your works in progress on your platform. It will keep you motivated and accountable (to a point). So, I guess it was prudent after all. No one got hurt and my MCs had a moment to shine, even though they're not quite fully developed.

How do you feel about sharing your WIPs?


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