Should She Stay - or Should She Go?
Written by
Jade Bald
April 2018
Written by
Jade Bald
April 2018

There are many things in fiction that can mimic real life. For instance, if a character should or shouldn't do something or be with someone/something. Is it good for said character to expand their experiences and enrich their lives with new people (or pets) or should they be content, satisfied, with what they have?

However, unlike reading about a character, readers cannot cheer them on in real life. As much as we all would love to have a personal cheer leader or pep coach for every moment we were unsure or needed to be reminded of how good (or bad) something might be, we don't.We have to live life by trial and error.

It makes life scary and unstable, dark and harrowing. Although, it makes for good material when you write anything, including fiction.

Dilemma-fan of certain celeb wants to travel to London to watch him in a play, however she has fibromylagia, which puts a dent in her plans. What should she do? What, as a writer of fiction, would you  have her do? Ok, if you know me, you know this isn't some story I concocted in my mind, but it's actually true....

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