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4 Ways Writers Can Support Libraries
Written by
She Writes
April 2018
Written by
She Writes
April 2018

April 8 – 14 is National Library Week and supporting public libraries has never been more important. We can all guess at the ways we can support libraries as readers and citizens, but as a writer, how can you make sure this integral public service remains an institution for generations to come?

Write About It

As a writer, you have an immense power to communicate. Use it when and where you can. Write an essay, pitch an article for publication, post to your blog or share on social media when an issue of importance arises and needs addressing.

Whether there’s a political matter at hand or just a local event, help spread awareness by writing about causes that impact libraries.

Neil Gaiman used his standing in the community to share his thoughts on the need for authors to support libraries. And whether you’re a bestseller or a debut, you too could share your thoughts on this important subject.

Host an Event

If you’re an author, you can support local libraries by hosting an event (or series of events) at a library. Making yourself an attraction for readers to visit a library can be a great way to support this community staple.

The American Library Association has an organization dedicated to this very cause: Authors for Libraries.

Authors can participate in library events by:

  • Joining existing programs
  • Working together with librarians on a new book release
  • Hosting/teaching an educational class
  • Doing a reading or signing

Not only will hosting an event bring in attendees to the library, but it’s a great way for authors to connect with their readers and fellow writers.

Get Political

There will be times when more actionable steps need to be taken to help insure the future of libraries. From writing your representatives to actually attending political events, get engaged in the current battles libraries are facing. Sometimes just the support of established authors can help draw attention and publicity to a cause that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

Help the Industry Evolve

There tends to be an assumption that libraries cost authors and publishers money by renting books out, but the truth is, there is a much larger loss at risk. Ensuring a future full of passionate readers is good for everyone. And those who may not otherwise have access to newly released books depend on libraries to discover authors and evolve into literature loving, lifelong readers.

So if you have the means, donate copies of your own books to libraries. Work with publishers willing to work with libraries to deliver digital copies. Help the industry and libraries grow together to keep reading at the forefront by making books available to everyone.

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