My Gratitude List

Hello W. Jon McClure,

Here is a reply to your post

"27 Little Things I Am Grateful For "

I am grateful and thankful for:

  1. The good night's sleep I have every night.
  2. Being allowed to wake up every day.
  3. The strength to get up and do all the things I want to do.
  4. The food I eat every day.
  5. The roof over my head that keeps me safe, warm and dry.
  6. The bed I sleep in.
  7. The clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet.
  8. My good health.
  9. The hot water I have for my bath.
  10. My pair of legs that allows me to walk or jog whenever I want.
  11. My hands that allow me to write and type my blogs.
  12. My improved eyesight since I started fasting.
  13. My half a stone weight loss since I started fasting.
  14. The heating that keeps me warm on cold days and nights.
  15. The television programmes I like to watch.
  16. The music I like to listen too.
  17. The meditation videos I listen to while I sleep.
  18.  "The Secret" series of books that have taught me to believe.
  19. The washing machine that cleans my clothes.
  20. Public transport that takes me to where I want to go because I don't own a car.
  21. Windows I can look out of to admire the beauty in nature.
  22. The brains I possess that allows me to keep thinking and learning.
  23. God, who takes good care of me today and every day.
  24. Gas that allows me to cook my food.
  25. Electricity that gives me light to see when it's dark.
  26. All my miracles and blessings I receive from God.
  27. Democracy and my freedom.


It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to make a list this long.


You gave me the opportunity to really think hard for what I am grateful/thankful for.

Thank you.


Patricia C. Akosah

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