Written by
CM Camp
May 2018
Written by
CM Camp
May 2018

Tell me what’s wrong with this statement...  “How to Find Your Own Sugar Daddy (Like I Did)”

If you said "nothing," then you won’t like what I have to say.

I just read an Instagram article with that exact title, written by Ariel Black (pseudonym) and published by “The Cut.” Normally, I prefer to pass on reading such trash, but given all the recent extraordinary efforts, courageously initiated by women everywhere who refuse to be silenced, I was outraged to see this article. I had to read it.  

The positively encouraging omnipresent hashtags of late, #MeToo, #YesAllWomen, #TimesUp, #IAmANastyWoman, #ImWithHer, #EverydaySexism, #ToTheGirls, #HeForShe, are here to remind woman of all shapes and sizes, of all socio-economic backgrounds, of all races and religions, that we are not just living through a fleeting and trending movement, we ARE the movement.  

Conversely, articles supporting “how to” methods for securing and maintaining a Sugar Daddy as a guarantee of a life temporarily and financially fulfilled, and purportedly written by a female like Ariel Black in this day and age, are blatant reminders of just how degrading, demeaning, debilitating, derogatory, demoralizing, and detrimental, articles like this are. One step forward, three steps backward. Shame on you, Ariel!

As declared at the end of the article, Ariel Black is “her” pseudonym.  That said, my suspect nature (possible naivete,) assumes this article was written by a man in order to boost membership and awareness for like websites.  Wouldn’t that just be all the pretty icing needed on the cake to debunk such a degenerative article. 

“The Cut," in it’s own words, orgainizes their stories “...around four categories: Style, Self, Culture and Power — words that give us a framework for what it means to be a woman moving forward in the world today. Each one informs the other. After all, a woman with a stylish mind poses a real threat to every industry she enters.”  

Whaaaa? WTF? Really? I know… freedom of speech and all that, but I am hard pressed to understand why a woman, any woman, is still banking (no pun intended) on a Sugar Daddy to take care of her. Is it ironic empowerment? She’s selfishly conniving while he’s still thinking with his “alternative head?" Win-win for both?  

Lest we be reminded that we are witnessing and experiencing the tremendous power of social media taking on a life of it’s own, and we are applauding these catalystic women (and some men, truth be told) as well as hashtag slogans which have captured global attention. Why besmirch glorious progress?  It’s like cheap mascara running down your face after a tearful realization your professional male counterpart is paid more than you for doing less than you! Equal pay vs. Equal Play.  

Get real and stay tough. You are the power. No need to enlist a Sugar Daddy. You have all that it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Believe in yourself.

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