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Hello, my name is Nino Gugunishvili and I’m a… writer. An inventor of stories, a debut author… I’m also a heavy coffee drinker, and a cigarette smoker, former dog owner, a single, slightly introverted woman, who’s currently trying to continue writing her second book in between of scrolling her facebook feed, twitter, and all other social media platforms within her reach. As much as I’m thankful to the technological progress for all the comfort it brings, sometimes, honestly I hate it. It steals my writing time away from me. My life as a writer is filled with excuses. An excuse to read an article about the changing landscape of publishing and its new trends, an excuse to be in the know of what’s happening in the outside world from politics to social issues, arts and culture, new books from the authors I love, then their tweets, then their Facebook posts, then checking their instagram and pinterest feeds! And of course there are so many other things to do in life, like  buying fresh strawberries at the shop at the corner of your street and chatting with a lovely lady selling them, while she’s picking the freshest ones for you. You know you’re a writer, when, the second you bring those strawberries  home, the first though that crosses your mind is to picture them and then post that beautiful picture to instagram with a nice capture, that would actually grab your potential readers and that will ultimately boost your sales and bring your book up to the bestsellers rank on amazon. What strawberries have in common with your book? Never mind, you’ll figure it out later. You’re creative; you’ll come up with a story.  

Yep, don’t be fooled. Being a writer is hard, tough and tiring.

 Here’s my observation, from my own experience, which I'll gladly share with you!  Prepare yourself to be on a short terms, I’d even say very friendly, extremely close terms with the constant mode of self-accusation. Reasons? Oh, there are too many. Being lazy, finding time for anything else except writing, questioning yourself whether what you finally managed to put on paper is worth anyone reading it.

 Let’s not forget about the first readers of your masterpiece! Beware! Writing will test your relations with others and most importantly with your loved ones, your family and friends! You’ll be furious if they couldn’t find time to read what you’ve written and you’ll be even more infuriated if what you wrote is not instantly compared to the greatest examples in the world literature.  That’s when you’ll finally discover how big your ego is, and that revelation of yours won’t be pleasant either. That won’t be something to be proud of.

Not receiving a feedback you were looking forward to, may quickly end your friendship. From here, to eternity, to forever! Same goes to your family members. Chances are you’d want to erase them from your geneological tree for not reading, buying, reviewing your chef d’oeuvre and the possibilities here are endless.  You’d be plotting revenge, in the form of creating a nasty character in your next book, which’d have a real life protagonist.  This will be the best character you’ve written, but you’ll keep it in secret till the day of the publication, till that sweet moment, when he or she will find out who your inspiration behind that particular hero or heroine was.   Your friends with nice homes and gardens will become your next target, you’ll be terrorizing them with requests to send you thousands of photos of your book in flowers, with a morning coffee, in the grass, on the chairs, with a glass of wine, your inspiration will flow, unaware of their patience limit.  You’ll proclaim them to be your social media managers, until one very fine day they decide to write a book of their own and you’ll  instantly ransform yourself into writing, editing,  publishing, and social media expert, sharing whether  needed or not,  everything you’ve came across, experienced, learned,  while writing and publishing your novel. You’ll do it with all your skill, all your talent, or what's left from it.  You’ll do it like a pro, and not like someone dealing with your own struggles and existential crisises (read creativity block).

  Aren't you frightened with these prospects? Do you still want to be a writer? If,despite everything you've read in this post,your answer is still yes, well, then, welcome aboard!

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