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An Interview with Linda I. Meyers
Written by
She Writes
June 2018
Written by
She Writes
June 2018

Linda I. Meyers is the author of The Tell, a courageous memoir about suicide, the women's movement of the 70's and a triumphant dive into emancipation. She sat down with She Writes to discuss her writing routine, the publishing process and more.

SW: Share your writing routine.

My preference is to write in the morning with a cup of hot coffee by my hand and at sunset with a cold martini nearby.

SW: Describe your writing style in three words.




SW: What is the first thing you can remember writing?

A poem titled: Why I’m Not a Communist

SW: When did you start to feel like a writer?

When two of my chapters were published in literary magazines

SW: Was there something about the publishing experience that surprised you?

How much I had to learn.

SW: What do you do to help develop your craft?

I write.

I join workshops.

I work with a mentor.

SW: What methods are you using to market your book?

  • Working with a publicist: JKS Communications
  • Launch Parties
  • Radio Interviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Word of Mouth


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