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This blog was featured on 06/13/2018
An Exclusive She Writes Interview with Karen White
Written by
She Writes
June 2018
Written by
She Writes
June 2018

This month we are so happy to be celebrating and learning from New York Times bestselling author Karen White. Her latest novel, Dreams of Falling, is out this month (check out the excerpt here) and now she's imparting some of her wisdom on us in an exclusive She Writes interview. 

SW: Describe your writing routine. 

KW: It really depends on where I am in the book. I spend a lot of time avoiding writing at the beginning because that’s the hardest part for me since I never know where a book is going at that point.  I have to wrestle myself into the chair.  But once the book starts going, I sit down to write every morning around the same time (after dogs have been fed, walked, cuddled, pampered, petted, settled) and write with only breaks to get yet another cup of coffee, powder my nose, and return to my chair.  Oh, okay, and do some online shopping if I REALLY need a break.  I write every day, seven days a week (usually—hoping to change that), but I always stop at 4:00 to go exercise.  If I’m near to deadline, I’ll work in the evenings by editing what I’ve written that day.

SW: When was the moment you started to feel like a writer?

KW: When I was on a cruise and a woman was reading one of my books at the pool.  That’s when I realized that people besides friends and family were reading my books!  That somehow validated me and made me feel like a “real” writer.

SW: What is the number one piece of advice you'd give to aspiring authors?

KW: Just do it.  There are a million reasons why you can’t find the time, or don’t think you’re ready, or whatever excuse you want to come up with—but if you want to write, you have to toss those reasons aside, sit your rear-end in a chair, and go for it.

SW: Who inspires you?           

KW: I’m inspired by the people I see pursuing their lives with purpose and joy regardless of their circumstances.  I strive to be more like that.

SW: Why is it important for women to tell their stories?

KW: Because no one can tell it better than those of us in the “trenches” of life.  We are the emotional, physical, and spiritual centers of our families—children, spouses, aging parents.  We are the hands that rock the cradle.

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