Capturing the Happy Moments

“I love summer. I love having a nice sexy tan, I love wearing my flip flops or white flats and jeans shorts and I adore spending my vacations by the sea, listening to the sounds of the waves at night. I love reading all the silly magazines and some really good books for a whole day because I’m feeling good, and slim and happy in the summer”, says my heroine, Tasha, in Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock and contrary to her summer is not my favorite season. I much prefer autumn and winter, the colder the better.  I prefer that coziness and warmth and comfort to the heat, and to the sweat, and to the fact that my brain becomes slower and often refuses to work in a hot humidity of summer  and I feel it’s not happening with just me, the whole world seems to somehow slow down, it hits that lazy summer mode, waiting for a reboot and a fresh start later in September.  

Ironically, although I’m not a summer person,or better to say I don't see myself as a summer person,  some of my fondest memories and some of the happiest moments I've experienced in my life are related to summer. Both during my childhood, and later in an adult life, they are linked to the  vacations by the sea.

A little French town of Juan Le Pain, in South France, an evening at the beach, me sipping a cold coctail with my feet covered with warm sand while I’m watching the ships far away from the seashore, is one of the most vivid, pleasant,happy memories I have that will probably stay with me forever... 

Just two days ago, I went for a weekend getaway to the seaside, and as we were bathing in the warmth of the black sea, the waves hitting us joyfully, dancing around our bodies inviting for a long, tiring round of swim, it hit me just there and then, how important is to have that ability of enjoying the current moment, the ability and willingness to capture that emotion of being alive, present, not thinking of what is there for you tomorrow, forgetting your worries, those  things you wanted to do but did not,  and for a mere second or a minute to be able to enjoy being who you are and be grateful for what you have. There were three of us standing in the water, my friend, her young daughter who just turned fifteen, and me. Three completely different women, each with our own lives, each with our paths, inside struggles and stories and challenges that might be ahead, but at that very moment of giggling, and talking to each other in the calm of the water, I believe we all felt happy. I also believe that sometimes, quite unexpectedly, you’re receiving gifts from the universe; you just have to see and acknowledge them.  

Just a week before this weekend’s trip I started  to  write  what I hope will be my next novel with a setting to be in a little town by the seashore…  Is it a sign or just a coincidence?

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