Three Things I would Tell Myself on Overcoming Rejection

These are several essential things I would tell myself before I even attempted to write. I hope someone who's  in the very begining of a writing journey may find them useful. I wish I knew at least some of it beforehand.

 First, as a debut author you’ll probably have plenty of heartbreaks, setbacks and rejections in the form of letters received from publishers and editors, in the form of your own struggles, in the form of constant questioning and doubting of your talent as a writer.  Second, you’ll have to be ready to become merciless critic of your writing and as much as it sounds perfectly normal, it won’t be easy. It will hurt, it’ll be excruciating  to the point that you’d only wish to quit.  Shutting down your computer and never getting back to writing may seem the most appropriate thing to do. The brick wall in front of you won’t’ bulge no matter how hard you’re hitting it. Your self -esteem and confidence will eventually get lower, and you’ll ask yourself how you ever managed to write, where’s the joy of writing gone and will it ever return to you?

 Third, the only answer to this, even if it sounds quite cliché is to try and stay positive. Again, it’ll be difficult, painful and on some days, unrealistic and unachievable, and that’s when you’ll have to probably very honestly ask yourself, why do you write.

 Do you write because it brings you the immeasurable sense of accomplishment and joy? Do you write because, you know that’s the only thing you want to be doing? Do you write because you feel you have great stories you want to tell to your readers? If the answer for even one of these questions is  yes, you should go ahead, and write, and the more you’ll write it will become better. Don't listen to  the voices in your head trying to stop you from writing. Listen to the firm one that will keep you moving forward. 

 Rejection is a part of the game in the competitive world of writing. We think that we all know that by heart, as we read about so many different and amazing  writing journeys, but  only when we actually face it ourselves,  we realize to what extent it’s harder to overcome that pain, harder than we’ve ever expected. There’s no magic wand, there’s no one out there who’ll do it instead of you or for you. You’re alone.  You, your voice, your determination, your passion is the only weapon your have together with a pen and a paper, or a computer keyboard. Enough tools to battle and win.     


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