Storytelling and Recipes for Gathering by the Fire


The close association between sharing food and sharing stories is an ancient one.  Humans have been sharing ideas, stories, romance and revelry for centuries across the table, over fine food and drink prepared with love.  I live in a co-housing community because this lifestyle is built around sharing meals, and other meaningful interactions, with neighbors and friends several times a week. 

Sharing stories was for many decades the only way people bonded with one another and learned what was happening in the world.  I wonder what would happen if we ditched our smartphones and computers for a while and sat around a table, or a fire pit, and chatted with family, friends and/or neighbors?  Perhaps we'd all feel a little leess lonely.  My personal mission is to facilitate such gatherings as much as I can in my own home. 

Meet the Kitchen Goddess and Esperanza

The Kitchen Goddess and her apprentice Esperanza live in a small cottage at the edge of a small town.  They are characters of my intention who create community in and about their home. They entered the world in 2012 and have been drawing together family, friends and neighbors with their warmth, and generous servings of food and drink prepared with lots of love.   Below are links to and summaries for a few of the articles I've published that weave together storytelling and sharing recipes.  May you enjoy all of the blessings of the season you are in surrounded by the company of fellow human wayfarers on the path.

From the Diary of a Kitchen Goddess: Enchanting English Muffin Pizzas

Karen, the "Kitchen Goddess" cooks up a batch of enchanting English muffin pizzas, and shares a delicious meal with a new friend sent by a member of her small circle of reveling cohorts.

From the Diary of a Kitchen Goddess: Heavenly Ambrosia Salad

Karen the Kitchen Goddess hosts a Midsummer party and campout for their neighbors on the shortest night of the year. They serve Ambrosia salad as a midnight snack along with some riotous fun.

From the Diary of a Kitchen Goddess: Refreshing Summer Tea with Fruit and Peppermint

The Kitchen Goddess serves sun tea with fruit and mint as she encourages a young lady to follow her dreams.

From the Diary of a Kitchen Goddess: Nutritious, Delicious Stir Fry

The Kitchen Goddess and Esperanza involve the neighborhood children in creating a delicious stir-fry dinner, which they share with their families.

From the Diary of a Kitchen Goddess: Magical Miniature Fruit Tarts

Karen the "Kitchen Goddess" and her apprentice Esperanza invite the neighborhood children to the cottage for a fun day of painting and other crafts  Features a recipe for magical mini fruit tarts.


There are more storytelling recipe articles in the series, which you will find via my "Seafarer Mama" profile on HubPages.

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