The Story of Violet Thompson

I want to move on and no longer be haunted and sheltered from my past, Violet thought. I feel so depressed and still lonely at times, feeling sad with so many mixed emotions I have. I have Tobias, my childhood sweetheart partner I am with and am grieving from my college boyfriend Richard's death. Tobias and I had decided to take a break and I met Richard in college. I still have a hard time moving since Richard had a car accident that took his life.

Ever since Richards funeral, I have been back together with Tobias. I am an author and Tobias is too, both of us are published and we have done book tours too. Tobias and I have written two books together and are credited as co-authors. The two of us have different books out and write in the same genres too and have won awards too. I write in fiction, fantasy, flash fiction, mystery, drama, romance, young adult, faerie, etc. I have Tobias helping me through my grief. "I want you to see a grief counselor, " Tobias said to me while he put his hand on my shoulder in our mansion of a house in Hartford, Connecticut where we live and are from and graduated from Yale University and attended college before university. "Please, I know you have never been to a therapist and this can help, with the pain and loss, the grieving", Tobias said to me with his arms to me. Since I have never been to a therapist before, I can give it a try, I thought. I thought about it some more and I have made up my mind. "Yes", I said to him. "Yes, I will". We kissed and have started to make out on our bed.

After having sex, Tobias and I have continued our talk about having children first. We want to become parents first. It is winter break and we are in the Christmas break. It is December 27 in the year 2016. Tobias and I have been out yesterday Boxing Day shopping to the mall here in Hartford and we have lists of stuff we want to get and need to get too. We have been behind a bit of stuff we need to get to the house. In our author careers, we have been exceedingly busy. When we came home, it was in the evening. That is how late we were, and our caterer cooked for us. Tobias and I had lunch out at a restaurant. The two of us are both strict vegetarians and are severely allergic to cheese and alcohol. We are pre-vegans too and have a lot of vegan meals too.

" I am searching for a therapist for you, unfortunately, since it is the Christmas break, they are all closed and will not be open again until January 10th, " Tobias said to me while on his iMac and searching for a therapist. "Yes, I can wait until then, when they are open again", I said to him. 

I am now cozying up to him and we are now snuggling together on our bed for a while. It is the next day, December 28, 2016, and it is evening. The evening light is on and it is now seven o'clock and has already eaten our meal. After choosing and snuggling together, I called and talked to my younger twin sister, Caroline. She lives with her childhood sweetheart, partner Christian in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

My face is small and thin and it has no features. I have thin coarse black long hair that is up to my back, with tape in hair extensions all the way around. I am American born with a race of Scandinavian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, English. Neither one of my parents is American born and my father Christian Ludvig Rudolf Thorsen is Swedish born and my mother Rebekka Susann Tatiana Strand-Lund is Danish-born. They had me and my younger twin sister Caroline and younger sister, Ursala when they were young and immigrated to America. My father is an author and photojournalist and our mother is a fashion designer. Becoming an author for me, it continues in the family which I got from my father and wanted to become one myself. We, Caroline and I and Ursala were all raised by our aunt Liv at a young age, on our father’s side. Both parents left us and they were fourteen years old when they had Caroline and me, sixteen when they had Ursala. My eyes are sapphire blue and I am 6’9 tall and thinnest. Our home life during childhood was encouraging and strict. 

My bedroom at home before when I was growing up looked like, it was a great big bedroom with a massive walk-in closet and an ensuite and a nice sitting area. It had a nice bright color rose diamond and I had paintings of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark on the walls in my room and art paintings and wall decor too. I attended a private prep school in Hartford, New Testament Baptist School and I studied abroad in Sweden and Norway and I was involved in clubs and committees. Many different ones including student body government and the school paper, extracurriculars, etc. I was neither popular or a loner in school. I was always the serious academic one that focused on my studies instead. My high school graduation was an important experience and so was my college graduation and university graduation too.

The worst memory I have is Richards death. Long-term goals and hopes I have are to have children first and to become a parent before getting married which we talk about in private. I prefer Pilates and yoga for my exercise routine. I am a day person and am introvert. For music, it is Celtic, classical, opera, new age, operatic pop, classical crossover, Christian music, country, country pop, acoustic, piano, jazz, piano pop, indie music, folk, folk-pop, singer-songwriter, adult contemporary, Broadway and indie folk. The books that I read are fantasy, faerie, drama, romance, fiction, non-fiction, adult, young adult and classic literature. I drink tea too. Tobias and I have cats (Viola & Lief). Viola is now expecting kittens. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I have a walk-in closet filled with clothes and our mother designs my clothes. I have exquisite necklace and bracelets for jewelry. My favorite movie is The Sound of Music.

                                                                                                                          Chapter II

The two of us, Tobias & I, we live in a mansion of a house and are in an extremely rich and wealthy neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut. Whenever we have vacation time in our author careers, we travel outside the country too and over to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc to visit family. Tobias has the same mix I have and we are childhood sweethearts. My only one other significant other was Richard Kingston. My relationship with my family is a bit strained and our parents left and have recently come back into our lives for us three sisters, Caroline and I and Ursala. Tobias has the same situation with family too, and both of his parents left too and have recently come back into his and his younger sister, Sylvia’s lives. I am a multilingual and multi-instrumentalist too. I play the piano, guitar, violin, flute, tin whistle, harp, Celtic harp, and harpsichord. There are health issues too and I have been diagnosed with a heart condition that was found a few years ago and have had an ectopic pregnancy at seventeen.

I have had a past career in music and I was a music major in college too and a child actress too. I remember doing Tv shows and commercials and movies in Scandinavia and America. I still graduated as a music major too and just decided to switch careers and become an author instead, of which I was also studying in college. So, instead of continuing with music, that is now another genre in books I write in instead and to combine the two in another way. It is important to me to have a second career choice. The only biggest mistake I have is not attending Richard’s funeral, as it was a private funeral instead. Just family, as he had no friends either. 

If I could have two whole weeks for vacation, it would be in Sweden and to visit family that raised me, my aunt, who raised me when I was young and was four years old then. My extended family too, grandparents and their siblings too (great uncles and great aunts) on my father’s side. A second vacation would be in Norway and hopefully Denmark too and stay longer. With Tobias with me there for the full vacation.

For relaxing after a bad day, I would take a nice long bubble bath and there would be a spa day too, including massages, etc. If I were to hang out where I feel comfortable, it would be home. I can adapt in a crowd and I can feel in a crowd too. In ten years from now, where I want to be in my life is still in the same career I am in now and married to Tobias and with our own children too and have finally reinstated relationships with my parents. I am a deep hopeless romantic and I find a lot I consider romantic. 

When it comes to looks and clothes, I am not worried. I think how others see me as a person, with my sapphire blue eyes, 6’9 tall and thin and with my jet black hair and Scandinavian skin tone, I am not worried there either. By the way, I describe myself back there, I am beautiful.

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