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This blog was featured on 08/08/2018
Marketing Monday: Increase Your Social Engagement
Written by
She Writes
August 2018
Written by
She Writes
August 2018

Everyone is looking for that “A-ha!” moment when it comes to social media. The struggle is real: you create a clever post to share on social media, click post and then... crickets. With almost 55 million daily status updates made on Facebook and an average of 95 million a day on Instagram it’s really easy to get lost in all the noise.

You’ve likely heard over and over that content is king and that hasn’t changed. You can have the best content in the world but without marketing it the right way, you’re relying on the select few who do see it (thanks algorithms) to share.

Here are a few tips that can help you engage with your readers and take very little effort.

Get to Know Your Audience

While attempting to speak to a broad audience may have worked a year or so ago, that just won’t do now. Figure out what your readers are looking for, what their pain points are or that place where you can really connect and deliver that to them.

You can look through old posts to see which ones had the most engagement and which ones tanked. Your audience is telling you what they like and what they don’t. Listen to them.

Use Your Tools

Most all social media platforms provide a variety of tools to increase your engagement. The more engagement a post has the higher it will rank, which basically boils down to more eyeballs on your post. Use polls if you can or just simply as a question. People love to share their opinions and it's a great way to get a bump in your engagement. Just be sure that you are responding to comments as they come in. While this also helps you rank higher, there’s nothing worse than leaving someone hanging. They took time to respond, so take a moment to thank them for that by responding in kind.

Give it Away

Contests may seem like a lazy way to get engagement and interest, but it's actually pretty smart. If you have a book or a service that you can afford to giveaway, hold a contest on your social media channel. Be sure to lay out the rules very clearly; ask someone to follow you and tag a friend, or leave a comment. Humans love free thing and there’s no better feeling than winning something. You’re feeding into human nature as well as creating goodwill within your community.

Don’t Post When No One is Looking

If you have business accounts be sure that you are looking at your insight or analytical information. Find out which days and times have the best engagement and focus your posting around that. There’s nothing worse than speaking to an empty room. There are also several posting tools. Like Sprout Social and Planoly that can tell you when the best times to post for your audience are.

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