Wonders of Nature

August is Perseid meteor shower month for my daughter and I.  We love to lay on a woolen blanket and pillows out on our back deck and watch the heavens for blazing streaks across the sky.  Our hearts beat faster when we spot them.  This year, we've also been treated with the gold sparkling light of Mars to the southwest.  Whenever I take time to soak in nature, to be filled with wonder for the raw beauty of the elements surrounding me, a poem makes its way through my pencil and into my notebook.  Below is the one my muses gave me last night.

Across the starry canvas of midnight sky

Blazing meteors dance, the heavens their stage.

Sliding down toward the horizon, along the dome watching over land and seas,

They bless us with the magic of their sparkling glory.

Wonder fills the world we touch with our senses.

Beauty impresses her soft power, like flowers, upon our souls,

Inviting us to be wild with her.

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