Allow yourself to be just a little lazy in August
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
August 2018

Summer will soon be over. Another season when we wrote, or at least attempted to write, when we struggled with openings, the first lines, or when we edited and then re-edited and revised our manuscripts, the  first, the second and the third drafts. Some of us may have finished writing our debut novels and are planning to hit the self-publishing route. Some of us have not yet started. Some of us, like me, may have just several chapters, paragraphs or even brief outlines done, and are now waiting for September, for the coziness and beauty of Autumn, which for me, always feels like a new beginning and that anticipation of many planned, and even more unplanned but pleasant things  to happen is worth the wait.

To a certain point knowing that autumn is ahead, and that the summer is not over yet, makes me relaxed, or better to say I allow myself to relax, not to worry about what I wanted to do but I didn’t. That last month of summer, as I watch a beautiful black seashore from my hotel balcony I realize that it’s necessary to allow yourself and switch to a recharging, rebooting mode, to slow down and meditate.

Sometimes simply watching the sea and the beach, observing the simple everyday lives of other people, as they’re sunbathing, or dining out in a small café near the beach, or just listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sunset is enough to awaken your creativity. You start to invent stories about them, you start imagining what their hobbies, dreams, problems may look like, and then, some of them might end up in the book you’re writing or are just planning to write someday. You observe, you listen, you inhale, and all of it forms into a material, an experience, a memory, that you will possibly use in your writing. Even if you’re not actually writing, I think it’s not a reason to panic, because that solitude, tranquility and meditation, being alone with yourself enables you to store that creative energy and keep it.  Too often, as authors,  we tend to “punish”  ourselves for not writing, for being lazy, for not finding time to open our computers and type those words dancing in our heads, but on the other hand, maybe summer is the best part of the year when we can excuse ourselves for not writing, for being lazy, because the work is still done although invisible, it’s boiling inside,  those words, those stories, those narratives, those plots, those characters are waiting for their moment to be born, they are all inside us, and maybe until that moment finally comes we need our batteries to be re-energized, we need to be alone, we need that inner writing retreat for ourselves, and besides, there are so many great books waiting to be read in that beautiful month of August! 

"I love summer. I love having a nice sexy tan, I love wearing my flip flops or white flats and jeans shorts,and I adore spending my vacation by the sea, listening to the sounds of the waves at night. I love reading all the silly magazines and some really good books for a whole day because I'm feeling good and happy in the summer,"  says my heroine Tasha, in Friday Evening, Eight O'Clock and although I don't agree  with her on too  many things,  I think that summer and especially August can be a little careless, clueless and happy without torturing ourselves for not writing. Because after all september is ahead! 

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