It takes a community (and a cat)

A few weeks ago, Helene T. Stelian interviewed me for her "Next Act for Women" column.  She had a lot of questions, that made me think about who I was, where I've been, and who I am now.  Mostly, those questions made me realize that I had a lot of people to thank. Some of the people who helped me along the way know who they are.  They are thanked in my books and in person.  People like my editor, Lisa Romeo.  People like my husband, and my family. Without them, A Ship of Pearl and The Fable of Little Tzurie would not be the highly praised books that they are.

A community of writers is essential to my growth.  She Writes is one of those communities.  The discusion groups, the articles, the personal appearances at conferences:  all of those things add up to valuable support for writers like me.

Helene's questions made me realize that often, people come in and out of my life and offer words or wisdom or a nod of praise, or a little bit of something on a writers panel, and they never know their impact.  Sometimes, I appreciate the encouragement in the moment, but more often than not, I realize the impact of their words weeks, months, and even years later. Little things really do make a difference.

I hope, out there somewhere, my words have been encouraging and supportive and, above all, kind.  I know, after answering answering Helene's questions, I will be ever-mindful of both the give and the take of my interactions with writers and readers.

Thank you, women (and men) of She Writes.  

(If you wish to read, Helene's Article, here's the link:


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