Traveling Alone: The Alone Part
Written by
Nicole Cruz
September 2018
Written by
Nicole Cruz
September 2018

Day one of Nicole Alone Time was success. 

I arrived earlier than expected in the mountain city in less than four hours (I was asleep for most of the trip as I had to leave really early in the morning). The bus ride was mostly quiet as the other passengers had the same idea as me. It was very chilly in the city that early in the morning, not that I was not enjoying the weather.  There was a certain allure to a city like this one during the wee hours of the morning. It was magical. You can almost here the city snoring. I was alone.

I grabbed my bags and walked towards the main road. I hailed a cab (for some reason they are operational at this hour). The man in the cab was an older gentleman, I’m guessing around 50 years of age, and boy was he a conversationalist. 

Benito (the cabbie) told me about his lovely wife, whose name I believe was Janet, who just called him before I hailed him. He told that his wife had just recovered from some sort infection and had been staying in for the past couple of weeks to recuperate. They owned a small eatery near one of the bus terminals and that his eldest son and daughter were manning it. 

I love conversations like these, conversations where I can just listen and never be expected to always converse back. Benito then asked me why I was traveling alone. He told that I should never tell anyone that I was alone, that I should always say that a friend of my boyfriend was waiting for me. To be completely honest it was good advice coming from him.  

After another thirty minutes of driving, I finally arrived at my AirBnB. It was still too early so I asked my friendly cab driver to bring me to the nearest 7/11. Luckily there was one not too far from my accomodations. I paid my fare and bid Benito goodbye. I was alone again. 

After grabbing a cup of coffee to warm my freezing chest, I sat down and waited for the sun to slowly rise. The city was about to wake. Slowly you could hear doors opening, stalls being unlocked, and people beginning their day. 

The realize slowly hit me. I was finally doing it, I traveled alone. I felt victorious. 

I want to write more about what happend after that particular cup of coffee was emptied, but I’m tired already. Just know that I am now in my rented room, typing on my tablet. My back felt heavy (I barely even removed anything out of the bags). 

I’m ready for tomorrow’s big adventure. 


I am alone and I am happy.

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