Friday, August 3, 2018 12:25 - Odes to my home Houston 


There’s nothing better then home

Whether it has four wall

It’s the best place to go

No matter how big or small 

Something about home 

It just calls us to it’s hall

Some homes different 

But wonderful to us all 

Home is where the heart is 

That saying is very true 

It doesn’t take for walls to make a home

That saying is true too

It doesn’t take much for me

Cos my home is with you

You oh Houston are me home 

I willingly took every kiss you blew

And I took all the crap as well

You made me do things I didn’t think I’d do

So that is why, it’s you, you, you!

You oh Houston are me home

Thank God for letting me move here

In you and Gods arms, I was never alone 


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