Names First!
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
September 2018
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
September 2018

First, it’s the name.  Before the story, and the plot and the twists, and the structure. Before knowing what the book is to be about, for me, it’s the name of a character that gives a spark, and urges me to write.  Once I have a name I have his or her physical appearance, voice, manners, mood, and looks, social status, job, his or her inner circle of friends,  and a lifestyle. It’s the name that brings up a story and a background from which I then very slowly move a little further, inventing and exploring, digging deeper, into that mesmerizing world that builds around those characters, their pasts, their love interests, their flaws and aspirations, their goals, their regrets or their dreams.

For me, one of the most enjoyable, intriguing, and fascinating part of writing is in thinking about and creating a character. It reminds me of drawing a sketch on a white canvas, when you don’t have the full image in front of you yet, just several lines, a blurred silhouette, and only in the process of writing it comes to life, it’s visible not just with a name, but with the biography behind.  I haven’t thought much, or never tried to analyse why the impulse to start writing for me, is so much related to first coming up with the name, but, I’m feeling it almost on a physical level, whatever the story is about, first there should be a name, a character, someone, who might not even be the main protagonist or a central one to the story, and from there on, the narrative starts to form and shape, a character becomes an axis on which it’s build on. A character becomes an anchor.

Once the character has a name it has a personality, and soon, I, as an author, am running along to catch all the dramas, all the traumas, all the unbelievable adventures, my characters find themselves into. Once the character is born the magic begins, that mysterious, inexplicable process of writing a book, creating a story out of nowhere, inventing the world, the universe where everything is possible, because that character of yours, let’s name her Anna, just  decided she needs to be heard, and her story is worth your time writing  it.       



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