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Q&A with Candace Breen
Written by
She Writes
October 2018
Written by
She Writes
October 2018

Reverend Candace Breen recently released her latest book, After the Darkness: A Survivor's True Story of Childhood Incest, Rape, Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Her Ability to Overcome the Negative Impact These Events Had on Her Life and in this new Q&A, Breen breaks down her writing routine, her first memories of writing and advice for aspiring authors. 

Share your writing routine.

I meditate before beginning any writing. I relax and sit and allow my creative side to open.

Describe your writing style in three words. 

Imaginative. Surreal. Capturing.

What is the first thing you can remember writing? 

When I was in third grade, I wrote my first ever piece. It was a play called "Down on the Farm." I was so excited about it that I showed it to my teacher. I had never written a play before and it was set up perfectly. Everyone was stunned!

When did you start to feel like a writer? 

I don't think I really felt like a real writer until I published my first book. When I saw it on Amazon and when I saw the sales come in, I thought to myself, 'Yeah, now I am a real author!"

Was there anything about the publishing experience that surprised you? 

I enjoyed the feedback I received from editors and the beauty they made from the work I gave them.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

A friend of mine once told me, "Keep writing no matter what!" and I live by those words. Never stop writing and always believe in yourself.

What do you do to help develop your craft? 

I read work by other people in my niche area. I also listen to a lot of podcasts about my niche area which helps me to learn what's on the minds of my potential readers. I also talk to locals who have read my work and allow them to freely talk about their thoughts regarding my work. It helps to keep me focused on my audience.

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