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Poetry 4 the Soul

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Testimonial Truth A Book for The Brothers

What sets you apart from all others? Is it your individual style, subject matter, etc., how is it different?

What sets me apart is the fact that I like to write about things that I have either experienced or people close to me, have experienced. Whether it’s through my short fiction novels or my poetry, something has to inspire me, or touch me in some way, to get me to write what you see before you today.

What makes your books unique?  What can we expect to gain or enjoy or understand from reading your literary creations?

Pimp in the Pulpit 1 & 2 are inspired by a personal chain of events in my life. Some of it is true and some of it is fiction but it all has a bit of a unique perspective about family drama, and exploitation within the family structure. My short fiction novels are very similar to some Tyler Perry films and plays he has produced over the years.  Like Tyler Perry, I like to channel my energy into things I know and have personally experienced. Even if I didn’t experience something, I like to take other people’s experiences over the years and use that pain, and comedy to reach and touch as many lives as possible.

How and/or why is your work important?

My books are important because they speak some truth along with genuine sincere understanding. Don’t get me wrong, having a good imagination is key, but speaking from your heart is the most vital part of being a good author. You have to be willing to give up a piece of yourself, so the reader can believe that your story is truly yours to tell.

Who is your target market, who should be reading your books or who would be interested in reading your books?

Anyone who can keep an open mind and is willing to accept the harsh language and crazy antics from my short fiction novels. Pimp in the Pulpit 1 & 2 are very good reads for anyone who likes drama, comedy and suspense.

What advice do you have to offer in support of other authors?

The main advice I would give, is to do your research and be resilient. If this is something you really want, then be ready to go after it. I would also be happy to offer any advice to any author who personally reaches out to me. Also, try not to be overly anxious and be patient, because it’s not going to happen overnight, but it will happen. Be grateful for any and every accomplishment you achieve as a writer. Ignore all the negativity in your life and all the haters around you. Believe me when I tell you, when you start this adventure you’re going to have a lot of people not be all that supportive. So, don’t get discouraged, if anything, be determined and passionate, because good things will come your way.

What is your genre of choice and why?

Poetry is my first love, because it makes me feel like I’m someone special, like a musician or a recording artist trying to write down his Masterpiece on paper. But short fiction novels are some of the best ways for me to articulate myself as a writer and a man.

What changes in the literary world would you most like to see?

I would love to see self-publishing authors get more support and respect in the literary world.  I think independent book publishers should be recognized and appreciated for their hard work and sacrifices. But I also believe traditional publishers, who aren’t known, should get more of a marketing promotional push in order to excel to the next level.

How is your writing controversial, profound or mind-boggling, or how would you describe it?

I consider my writing style to be as unique as anyone else’s. But my philosophy is very old school and traditional. To quote Joe Clayton, owner of Thunder Horse Publishing, in the interview I did with him a while back, “Pimp in the Pulpit is very similar to some of Mark Twain’s most established and known books.” And that is why I can be labeled as controversial, profound, or mind boggling.

What do you hope to accomplish with your literary creations? What change, or enlightenment do you want to bring about in your reader if any?

The only thing I want is to be heard, whether it’s from 100 people or 1,000, I just want to touch as many people as possible with my poetry and my short fiction novels. Because words are a powerful thing, they can strike fear into others’ hearts or inspire others to grow, that’s the type of Legacy I want to leave behind.

What’s the greatest compliment that you ever received regarding your literary accomplishments and what did this remark do for you, how did it transform your life or your writing?

My dear friend Khalil Sabur, who also happens to be one of my supervisors, told me from the very beginning that I was very talented and had a promising future ahead of me. He told me not to let anyone or anything stop my ambition or my desire to be an established author. That meant a great deal to me, because he was more supportive to me than most of my own family members. His words of encouragement helped me believe in myself when I felt I had no one in my corner and for that I am grateful, -for his kindness and his friendship.

What have you sacrificed, if anything, to be a writer, or to write as you do?  What have you gained from writing, how has it rewarded you personally?

I sacrificed a lot of time and energy to get where I am as a writer. And as a self-publishing author, I sacrificed a great deal of personal finance to get myself out there to the public, all on my own. I gained wisdom, appreciation and understanding of myself and the literary world.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and I want to thank everyone for checking out this interview. If anyone wishes to contact me directly my email is: [email protected]

Also, I have an up-and-coming project: Fatal Impact, which is being distributed by iUniverse Publishing Team.

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