What is writing for you?
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
October 2018
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
October 2018

 Writing, for me, resembles a fierce, merciless battle with myself, but at the same time, it brings me freedom, where there are no rules, and where I can choose who are the inhabitants of the world I'm trying to create, as I'm writing the story.  The emotions during the process of writing, and afterwards vary from self-doubt to panic, from anger to fear, which I think could all, sometimes, in different, and often unexpected ways fuel your creativity.  Even a jealousy or envy, can drive you, and motivate you to write better, to find the exact words for your narrative.   

When writing, you're alone. Just you, your imaginary world, and the stories you're about to tell, your characters with their  voices and quircks, dramas and unfullfilled wishes. You are determinded to finish your novel no matter what, write it to the end, even if that means  a huge "do not disturb" sign hanging on your social life. There are days when your writing goes flowlessly, effortlessly, and easily, and then there are days, which seem longer, than the productive ones,  when you struggle, when  you fear, you won't be able to produce even a paragraph, and you're just staring into the computer screen waiting for those words and phrases, wherever they are coming from, to finally form on the page, bringing you an incomparable joy and satisfaction and every day, you're starting a new, every day, feels as if you haven't written a single word before, every day you're challenging yourself to write and see where it goes, where you yourself are heading, and where are those  boundaries or  limits, you've set for yourself to overcome.

Writing is lonely, you'll hear it over and over again, and yes, it is, no doubts about that,  you're not in  the office surrounded with your colleagues, working, chatting, or socializing. The only humans you'll be  hanging out with for a lengthy periods of time are your chracters, who happen to be familiar to you only, and  no one else but it's that anticipation and thrill of sharing your story with others  that makes you almost toxically happy and more vulnerable than ever before. That's what inspires you to continue to write, till the end, or till the new beginning, typing  those magic words: Chapter One.       








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