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Ashley Moss was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the middle child of three children born to her mother, and she loves her family dearly. Ashley’s love of reading began when she learned to read at the age of four. From that point on, books and words were her friends. Her passion for writing developed when she wrote her very first poem at the age of twelve. Writing is her solace and comfort in life. Today, her love of reading and writing continues to uplift her in life.

Lessons I’ve Learned: A Collection of Love and Inspirational Poems

Links to my book and website:


Website: https://ashleymossauthor.weebly.com

What makes your book unique?

My book is unique because it’s a book of poems on topics that are relatable to people and relate to lessons that I’ve learned in my own life in the areas of both love and life.

How and/or why is your work important?

My work is important because my life’s goals and purpose with my writing is to inspire and motivate others. I want to inspire them to positive action in the world, to become better versions of themselves, and to keep pushing through difficult times in life and love.

Who is your target market? Who would be interested in reading your books?

With my poetry book, my target market includes lovers, couples, and anyone who has ever had their heart broken or gone through a tough time in life or love. I think people who love romance and who are hopeless romantics would be interested in reading my poetry book.

What authors inspired you most and how so?

The authors that inspire me most are Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, J. California Cooper, Toni Morrison, and J.K. Rowling. No author inspired me to write my poetry book though. Difficulties in life and love were my inspiration for my poetry book.

What advice do you have to offer in support of other authors?

The advice that I would give to other authors is to study the craft of writing, practice writing in their chosen genre often, and to develop their own unique style of writing.

How’d you come about the discovery of your writing talent, gift, or ability?          

I discovered that I had a writing ability first in elementary school when teachers and friends would tell me how good my writing was. Yet, I never paid much attention to my writing gift until I discovered my passion for writing in seventh grade after writing my first poem at the age of twelve. I sent a poem into a writing contest and won a trip to Disney World’s park to read it in front of a crowd the following year.

What are your future writing endeavors?

My future writing endeavors are to write a Christian Contemporary inspirational short story collection, write a children’s fantasy short story collection, and eventually write a full-length novel someday.

Is writing for you synonymous with living and breathing, or just something you do as a hobby? How so and why?

Writing is synonymous for me with living and breathing. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. I love words so much that it’s almost as if I’m dependent on them for survival. Writing isn’t just a hobby for me. Writing always has been and will be my solace and comfort in life whenever things go wrong, or I need an outlet to talk about things. It helps me to cope with and express my emotions.

What changes in the literary world would you most like to see?

Changes in the literary world that I would most like to see are more mainstream representation for self-published authors as well as more publicity and recognition from main stream media outlets for self-published authors so that their works can reach more people.

Indie/Self-published author and/or published? What do you favor more and why?

I am an indie self-published author whose book is on Create Space and Amazon. I would like to be and favor being a traditionally-published author though with a book publishing company, because I would have more help promoting my works and I could focus more on my writing.

How would you describe your writing? Contemporary Christian and inspirational

What’s the greatest compliment that you ever received regarding your literary accomplishments and what did this remark do for you? How did it transform your life or writing?

One of the greatest accomplishments that I have received regarding my literary accomplishments is having an article of mine published by a local big-time newspaper company in my hometown a few years ago. It was an honor that the editor of the column had chosen my article to publish one week in the paper, but all the positive feedback that I received from teachers, friends, and family members was even more indescribable and pleasant. The best compliment that came because of that article was from a teacher of mine at the time who said that I was a natural born writer and born to do it. The positive feedback I received because of the article and the teacher’s remark boosted my confidence as a writer and proved to friends and family members that writing was more than just a hobby of mine. The article and people’s response to it made me decide to pursue a writing career.

If you could ask a question of your favorite author of all time, what would the question be? How would you answer that question yourself?

If I could ask a question of Mark Twain, I would ask him what the greatest piece of advice was that he had ever received from a mentor. I would have to say the greatest piece of advice that I ever received from a mentor is to take my time writing stories and to not be afraid to be vulnerable (or bleed on the page).

What have you gained from writing? How has it rewarded you personally?

I’ve gained so much from writing. Not only is it my comfort and solace in times of heartache and pain, it also helps me to organize my thoughts. I’ve often gained peace and clarity about things in life from writing. My writing and God have both led me to my calling and purpose in life, which are to inspire and motivate people through my writing.



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