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Why This Indie Author Is Deleting Facebook
Written by
Lisa Thomson
November 2018
Written by
Lisa Thomson
November 2018

It is true that my disenchantment with facebook began about a year ago, at least on a personal level. I found myself less apt to click on my newsfeed although I continued to publish on my professional pages (one book page and one author page). But in the last few weeks I’ve been seriously questioning my time spent on the pervasive giant that is facebook.

So, I've been hungrily searching for any information, opinions or articles regarding Indie Authors and Facebook. Namely, what are the true benefits of having an author page and what would be the potential losses of deleting facebook altogether? 

Do you think I could find one single article? I could not (not even here) and that’s why I thought, I’d write on myself.

Sure, there are all kinds of articles on how to create your author page on facebook. There are articles on how to get attention on facebook as an author, which consists of mainly paying for ads. Alas, there were a few articles from business marketing bloggers who have deleted their facebook accounts without regret. I gobbled those up in knowing they were saying all the things that I was suspicious of.

Facebook followers aren't seeing my posts. Unless I pay facebook,  my work remains virtually invisible (pardon the pun).

In other words, the exposure we always believed we were getting on facebook, simply doesn't exist. It's a fallacy. Furthermore, the exposure we have gotten isn't what we bargained for. The harvesting of personal data without our consent, the manipulation of opinions, political stories, and the backlash of one of the largest personal breaches in recent history is only the tip of the iceberg as far as I'm concerned. As we continue blindly to post our personal stories (now more often in video form) on a platform that has betrayed us, I have to ask myself? What am I getting out of this deal? 

The answer, I'm afraid is very little to nothing. So, why continue to post and maintain professional pages that only a mere fraction of my followers even see? More importantly, why give my time and attention to a business who uses me to their own ends. 

Well, maybe its fear of missing out, or fear that I will be forgotten as an author. Maybe it's fear that all my dedication to my craft and building an interest in that craft will be erased along with my account. For example, starting with zero likes on my book page was daunting. It's only taken me seven years to garner 2,000 followers. How could I just erase that after I've come so far? 

Not so fast. Obviously, 2,000 followers is small potatoes compared to many famous authors. Even most Indie authors have probably double those numbers. Of course, I may have been able to increase my numbers by paying for ads. I did pay for a few ads, too and saw a marginal improvement in follows. Still, did it truly make a difference in my book sales. I'm going to answer with a hard 'no'. Besides, it's not a free promotional platform for anyone. My time could be better spent writing.

“But what about the professional connections and friends you’ve made?” you ask.

I’m going to venture out on a limb and say that most of those friends are superficial. The ones that are dear to us will find us via cell phone and in real life. The professionals and the ones who follow our work---our audience---will find us on our blogs, and any other social media platforms we have built a presence on, but does't breach our trust. For example, twitter, Instagram (although that’s the next questionable platform IMHO) or Medium. Platforms where our personal data and those of our friends are not sold.

Let’s recap for a minute; grabbing attention and garnering sales as an Indie author on facebook is not easily achieved. The attention and time it takes to publish material to only have it ignored on facebook, is cause to reconsider our use of precious time. We may be getting plenty of exposure on facebook but it’s the wrong kind. Last, our readers and fans have various other places to connect with us, mainly our websites.

My deliberation is officially over. I’m deleting my facebook account in short order and I’m not looking back.

What have you gained as an author with your facebook presence? I'm hungry for my fellow authors' thoughts on this.

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  • Lisa Thomson

    Hello, She Writes. Thanks for taking a moment to read and comment :) Yes, I think the shine is wearing off for some of us little guys. I think it's effective for big names or people who can sink $$$ into advertising there. I was just feeling so unfulfilled and aimless there. I hope this article helps other indie authors like myself re-consider how they're marketing their work OR even better, share their thoughts on the subject.

  • Lisa Thomson

    The irony is not lost on me that when I announced my account deletion on my professional pages, there was only one reaction. I'm officially off facebook now and I feel 100 lbs lighter.

  • She Writes

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for your thoughtful comments! I don't think you're alone in feeling like Facebook is offering less and less. I think there are those who still love the platform and some who feel a little betrayed by it (and with good reason). I have no doubt your article will find a lot of uncertain indie authors seeking the same answers!