• Festive Fun Tips for Writing Candid Book Reviews
Festive Fun Tips for Writing Candid Book Reviews
Written by
November 2018
Written by
November 2018

With Thanksgiving around the corner, may I suggest festive fun ways to carve into a book?

If you’ve just finished reading a book, all the way through, from the first page to the end, and you loved the book, then you may want to skip on to the very last line ...unless you’re like me and in for some reading entertainment. If, however, you didn’t enjoy the book as much as you would have liked, then you’ll want to dine on these tips.

First, think of the book like that one turkey you had one Thanksgiving that you didn’t enjoy. It was bone dry, bland and tasted almost like chalk. You weren't going to say anything, until suddenly your fiancé’s mother, or your mother-in-law turned to you and asked, “did you enjoy dinner?”

Now, if you’re one of those really ballsy daughter-in-laws, or the woman who doesn’t bite her tongue but interested in maintaining cordial relationships, then you definitely want to keep reading.

As you prepare to write your book review this is the Thanksgiving picture you want in mind .

Thank the author for writing the book, before commencing on carving out the spots in the book you liked best, or noticed most. As in the case of the turkey, did the color of the turkey look normal? Were the legs perfectly symmetrical? How much did the turkey weigh? If you can’t guess, ask. Also compliment the wings while you’re at it. Can’t go wrong here. Tiny things like wings are often the cutest, and a perfect cue to show off your positive side. And if that little pop-up thing is still stuck in the turkey, that may be another conversation piece. A securely wedged timer is a supreme spot to remark how well done the turkey turned out, in spite of the glaring contradiction. Note: the contradiction is unnecessary to mention. You might want to ask if you can pluck out the stuck timer however. Those type things make wonderful souvenirs.

The point is, if you are about to write a book review for a book that wasn’t all you expected, grab your favorite holiday spirit and add a little humor.

I truly hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • RYCJ Revising

    Thanks Kimberly! Let me know about the books you review. I enjoy reading the crafty ones;-)

  • Kimberley Spivey Writing

    Thank you for sharing your creative tips. I'm gearing up to write a book review and I will certainly keep your tips in mind. I loved your fun analogies!