How Artists Communicate Through Their Work

Art is subjective and every artist has a personal agenda behind their work. Artistic expression has come a long way through centuries and it remains a fact till date that every artist in the past and present has found a way to assimilate deeper meanings within their work, and the sheer ability to incorporate a vast analogy and express it on a canvas is something every living artist aspires to do.

Just like in different disciplines of communication, namely writing, verbal, etc. professionals try to tell a story or convey a deep meaning or theory of an ideology. However, an artist has a bigger horizon and they can do more than writers when it comes to depicting an idea. Throughout history, all great artists have portrayed the remarkable aesthetic of expression in their work. Leonardo da Vinci’s entire career as an artist is based on the very same aesthetic.

A modern example of communicating through art is best put by A. Gregg Pader, the artist behind “Infinite Universe Art”. His work is centered on his theory that the universe is infinite. His style revolves around creating circles and the general idea he tries to communicate is that the universe is vast, in fact, it is limitless, full of possibilities.

The particular theory is not relevant to the geometrical measure of the universe, in fact, it is rich in philosophical aspects. It states that the universe is not confined to a point and there are endless possibilities which give us a fundamental idea about how our perspectives should be formed about life in general. The universe is infinite and this very idea signals a belief that one can expect all kinds of possibilities and outcomes tied to the occurrence of anything in life.

This is just a surface level explanation of the universe being infinite because surely, the artist has a much wider idea which he portrays in his work. His work can be found listed on his website for purchase. His paintings speak volume of how he has blended his theory in his skills and abilities as an artist. It is amazing how a subject as simple and dry could be given a whole new form of meaning using art.

It tells much about artists in the past and how they have always managed to redefine complex theories, unintelligible ideas and brushed on complicated topics using their art to project the meaning in a unique and creative manner. Truth be told, if an artist today is given to explain the theory of “black holes” in our universe, then you would find them going about an immensely creative way of explaining it. That is the beauty of artistic expression which everyone absolutely admires about art.

It is basically that art is used to complement and celebrate ideas, people, ideologies, theories and times. With the creative potential lying in artistic expression, any complex meaning can be portrayed in a whole different way, which also reminds us of our perspectives as human beings. We would love to stare at a painting depicting the theory of quantum physics instead of taking a 15-minute lecture in it.

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