Word Processor + Tea = Power to Write Novels
Written by
Karen A Szklany
November 2018
Written by
Karen A Szklany
November 2018

My NaNoWriMo Ritual

Every night this month of November 2018 I have dedicated time to write.  So has my daugther as part of her home-schooling experience.  We successfully shared time on my mother's computer when we visited her for a week in Virginia for her 80th birthday, but we are happy we're back on our home turf.  At home, she writes on my husband's laptop and I use my desktop computer, so we are free to write for as long as we can without having to interrupt each other's groove.   I usually brew myself a cup of green tea before heading upstairs to change into my pajamas, turn on the computer, and write until I cannot keep my eyes open a moment longer.  That is how I have managed to write almost 40,000 words this month and I have faith that I'll reach 50,000 by November 30th.

The Power of Habit

It's amazing how inertia can be a positive force when it comes to building habits such as writing every day.  It's the half of the law where objects in motion stay in motion (vs at rest) unless acted upon by an outside force.  Though we've taken rests to eat sleep and play in the snow, my daughter and I have been working diligently forward on our novels nonstop this month, and there's just 10 days left.  The adrenaline rush of reaching goals drives us to keep going.  We are at the stage where we crave our time at the keyboard --- the place where we create worlds, and stories set in those worlds, then jump in.  We are in the worlds of our creation when we write, and this phenomenon keeps us moving forward.

The Joys of Wordsmithing

One of the joys of writing a story is letting go and letting our characters lead the plot forward.  We relish the mystery of "what will happen next?"  We tell each other when our plots take unexpected turns and our characters do unexpected things.  We cheer each other on when our characters triumph over adversity or emerge stronger through a tough patch in their story line.  Our characters have begun telling us things about themselves we didn't know before, and that's exciting!  We look foward to finding out how our stories will wrap up in the end, and we are enjoying the journey, walking sticks in hand and water bottles in our sacks.


Here's a link to my NaNoWriMo home page: https://nanowrimo.org/participants/dracofire/novels


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow writers!

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